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A simple formula of trance used for divination...One night I was very sick (fever)by the fact I don’t like to take chemical medicines, I just think to let the fever flows. When the hours were passing I got 30 fever degree and came to my mind the idea of using such state as a method of trance to establish connections within saturnian guardians and cells from my HGA asprocess of information relating to some questions which will determinate important aspects in my life . so, I was very sick coz fever puts me in so "catatonic" I must say. I burnt astral incenseof Saturn which is the planet who ruled my zodiacal sign Aquarius. Is known in the phallic religions, the sun is the creative representation of god in macrocosm, the universe and the phallus the representation of microcosms which is men.so,in way to expand my creative force to gain more energy to work in astral I began a seriesof masturbations via anus and phallus so reaching more influx of both energies (fever-the gate) and (the orgasm-the vehicle).After orgasm I just entered in depth trance, because I wasn’t notsleep nor awake, just in a strange state of limbonic state in which by intuition start to formulate 3 questions slowly spoken just like a kind of mantra. so by experience it worked perfectly when weekslater I got 2 results of such formulated questions which I got through twisted visions in a form of arquetipes which I draw and written about in my record for my later studies. The transmissions came from a strange way difficult to explain coz is pure sensorial emanations.



Iv lost count how many times Iv seen it in hundreds of forms. Iv seen what lies behind its Myriad Masks and what it is. It Mirrors my fears and desires. It's been there since I was child...I was into Ninjas, Masks, Aliens, and drew alot of things without faces, but only eyes. It's been there unconsciencely there my whole life. The first conscience realization of it came to me when was 17 to 18. Id been getting heavily into studying Magick, Experimental Industrial muzak, Surrealist art and writing Stream of Conscience Poetry, pushing too much, too fast. I'd sign my poetry "Naked Face" even tho I'd never even read Lovecraft, or herd of Nyarlathotep.
One day at a party, a few days after dropping LSD for the first time, We was sitting in circle, playing word association and telling each other our first impression of each other. This girl looked at me and her eyes got Big and she freaked and ran outside. Everyone confused, someone got her to come back in. She took me off to the side and told me "I seen this thing superimposed over you with no face, it face looked swirly, like it could molded like clay, It was skeleton like with gray-green skin and external ribs, the prettiest thing about it was the its wings. They was large and colorful, tattered butterfly wings". This was coming from someone who was a Virgin, never done drugs and a was bit naive. So I took it heavily into consideration. About 3 weeks later I spent Halloween in a mental hospital, due to being unable to sleep or eat for a week. I felt very uncomfortable in my body like something was blowing up like a balloon, void yet full. I was physically strong, my senses very acute to the point of it being unnerving, and I wasn't on drugs. They was giving me anti-psychotics and sleeping pills which had no effect. They was scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to do with me. I manipulated the psychiatrist to let me out, coz treatment was doing no good. I Flushed the pills, drank some beer ,smoked some weed with some friends and I felt alot better.
Since then... Well that's a very complex story...Put this way; Eventually I Signed the book of AZATHOTH in my own blood, requested to be an extension of Nyarlathotep:It said; "Your Wish was granted, but you will not know when it will come and if it'll ever end..."
Iv watched my own face be Assemutated into its Collective-Manifold - Totem-pole. Iv found my self a to be a Director in the E.O.Dagon, I started a Messenger ov Kaos group upon its request. It marked me in a dream with a angled rune on the brow over my right eye with a sword. It did come and I don't know if it'll ever end...
~.*.AzOtEp.* . Onward to Strange Aeons...




Theory: The sleep/waking boundary is arbitrary, mutable, and reversible. Its permeability is determined by the development of functions here referred to as "bridges." The bridge from waking to sleep (i.e. access of sleep contents while awake) is dream recall. The bridge from sleep to waking is lucid dreaming. Thus:
/----> lucidity ---->SLEEP WAKING<---- recall <----/
Under usual conditions (including intensive social reinforcement), the waking reality is actual, relative to the dream which is virtual. These valuations too are mutable. Practice: Ideally, the practitioner is physically safe, but in a spiritually and intellectually unsatisfying situation. It is advisable to undertake this practice only in good health. Unusually rapid "progress" may be made during illness, but what dangers there are in this rite are greatly magnified. Likewise, psychoactive drugs are neither required nor recommended during this rite. Stimulants must be avoided. Practice requires a period of one month. The entire rite is performed indoors. Activity must be restricted to no more than four rooms. (Actually, a studio apartment is ideal.) Note that this requires stocks of preserved foods and nutritional supplements, or a provisioning assistant. N.B. It is wise to have this latter in any case, in order to anticipate and deflect outside interference with the rite. The sigil of Qulielfi (viz. Liber CCXXXI) should be embroidered onto the pillow used for sleep or painted on the ceiling over the bed. The rite is performed by sleeping. Extend the period of sleep a half hour every day until sleep takes up at least 18 hours out of every 24. If temporary insomnia occurs at any point, remain in bed and daydream or use "Qulielfi" as a mantra. "Typical" Scenario: 1st week: Fine-tune dreaming reality by adept use of bridges. At the end of this week--as sleep approaches 12 hours per day--"prophetic" dreams begin. Elements from dreams will recur in waking in the same way that waking elements ordinarily recur in dreams. 2nd week: Dream reality begins to cohere. Do not continue the rite past the second week if the dream reality is threatening at the end of this period. 3rd week: "Waking" reality begins to dissolve. Do not continue the rite past the third week if bridges are not well-established (unless it is your Will to thoroughly abandon the waking reality with little chance of reconnecting to it). 4th week: Waking reality now subsidiary to discrete, materialized dream reality. Notes:Depending on the strength of the bridges and the depth of the stage that is indicated above as the "4th week," the return may be to a different (by varying degrees) waking world than the original one. With strong bridges it should be possible to maintain the original waking world through a series of rites (as many as six or more in one year--though creative use of time dilation could improve this immeasurably) which establish widely differing dream worlds, creating a radial reality structure with the waking world at its hub. Rather than returning to a "normal" schedule at the end of the rite, it is possible to go to one of 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day and thus work the limen between the two worlds to thaumaturgical effect in either.

DARK AKTIONS I (article)

Dark Aktioner

Life as a Succession of facts, memories, events, mental constructions, ideas, nightmares, elapse so indeterminate, senseless; fragments that are trampling indiscriminately, creating parallel universes that are in the chaos of reality or interfere with it.
An image was projected in my mind, a white square and two subjects interacting in three basic colors, red, black and white. Some loose elements (subjects and colors), cut the linear time elapsing, eliminating the human subjects, transforming them into space, into color. Reaching by a fraction of time to be alive, and to convey this energy to the crowd, and then to people who see part of the register in photos or videos.
By chance and books i knew about viennese actionism, a movement of Austrian artists in the 60's, explored and questioned art with radical and deep way, with an aesthetic simple and close to the design or architecture, an art offender of reality and human establishment of the Western culture, with the perception of art as psychological release, as a catharsis, as a sacrifice.
All to save the natural and basic impulse of art as a stroke or a gesture, reaching a moment of pure expression, a spiritual catharsis; sublimate the natural suppression of life and explore mental areas that are normally forbidden by our temporary, physical or cultural situation.
No matter how is good or bad, or what is good or bad, either ethical or moral judgments or even aesthetic, no matter anything. Everything is encrypted and conditioned in our brains.
he is developing a second Dark Aktion II.soon more information.


HGA/SHADOW and DAATH (Article)

HGA/SHADOW AND DAATH ( Fusion not Confusion )
By Azotep

All in One, One in All, or Double or Nothing? A means to an ends or a end to a means? The Devil wears mirror shades. Look into its eyes see a reflection of yourself, but read between the lines....I've got this thing going on 24/7 when I look at something I close my eyes and I see a Negative of it. If somethings spinning one way, I close eyes and its spinning the other way. I see the Abyss like a fractal mirror. Each reflection a slightly different variable. Such iz the Nature of (in)Evolution. "Life sucks order from the Sea of disorder".
Some say Daath is not The Abyss, do the clothes make a man? It's the shadow or empty side of Tipereth (the black sun). The Abyss- well, it's the Void of eastern mysticism. It's that which pre-existed the Big Bang. THATness.Some people think that death is related to the ego-less state of being is a mystery to me since the egoless state is simply a state of detachment. Look into the Abyss. What do you see? It's a mirror. No big deal for some. Death for others. Picture a beautifully colorful sunrise or sunset - therein is the Abyss -what came out of it. Flowers bloom. Some people walk through life and never once realize the beauty around them. Be where you are.Become. NOW.

Affirmation:Here I am. I am I not Eye the Outer Child. I have Nothing to say, but I'll say it anyway..."Maddens is a state of mind so is death-Like death madness is ever becoming, ever- changing, elusive ecstatic..."~Wisdom of S'LBA.
A few winters ago I was contemplating about Daath/Abyss. I was thinking about my self initiation when I was 15.When I gave myself my first tattoo on my left arm, the word DEATH....and then my whole state of mind/life changed....At that moment I'm walking along I look down and there's a copy of the NECRNOMICON siting on a bench. Immediately I am struck by this. I put it in my pocket...
Some say Confusion is the effect of the Abyss, I say Fusion not confusion. Knowledge is nothing but an illusion if we confuse the map with territory. The great path which we must cross. For those who search to tranzcend, must dissolve the Ego and be silent. The abyss is the most critical way to spiritual path, coz in this way are disguising diverse conscious and unconscious forms through apparent realities or aspect of individual..s will which tends to turns aside us from the search we have started. Some people spend their whole life being torn into pieces by not excepting the irrational elements of their nature and an initiated must know very well the roots of his nature as so,I think that any initiative process of any magical system has a point of culmination, I think this process must be complemented and continued in other existential planes or cosmic sphere which surpass any rational critic; The voices of reason through reality in confrontation with the mental visions that confront us. We/I many years ago Danced around moments of time to create Multidimensional images of what we thought to be our "true will"& is through this (con)fusion/FUSION which are invoked unconscious Qilithic forms az an extends-ion of our psychic energy and our initiation process continues by merging with the "other". These Qilithic forms in Daath are known as Choronzon/Nyarlathotep.

The principal word to describe this initiation is DAATH and this only will come when the supreme wimsical will of Chaos gives us it..s consent to act accord with it.Through Death(not physical). We rebirth having as result the awaken in sub-conscious of a powerful and unified force called "Universal mind". Mind that controls all lauguage, bodys, souls changes from moment to moment and our only possibility to attain any kind of true continuity. "One thing leading to the next" is to do huge and interrupted efforts of collective will with-out uniformity. In this process of self initiation there are moments of trifling frustration, Fear, conflicts and boredom which are the reflections to be caught in an external world and as much we..re caught in the external universe. The more forsaken we feel as much inside ourselves as we descend. The feeling of security is lost, and when such security is attained you will experience the experience of liberty and Chaos. There may be no purpose but we must create purpose for ourselves in the path of life and so attaining the total knowledge of our nature and to awake the powers of Chaos which are in ourselves through the true will, coz the free acts of will determines the definitive equilibrium anyway. So, we must fight like brave warriors of Cthulhu to cross ourselves, our own abyss of knowledge to explore inside ourselves to transcend the whole spiritual paths which are hidden in the unconscious veils...Turn inside out...YOU'LL NEVER FIND YOURSELF WHEN YOUR TRAPPED WITHIN YOUR SELF.
Though the oceans of Daath...See the sunlight shining on the waves?



Louis Fleischauer founder of AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT was born in Leipzig/East Germany behind the iron curtain and after living in Usa, he returns to Germany now in 2008.The art of Louis Fleischauer is an invocation of primal energy as an answer to a sterilized, consumer friendly reality shaped by a mass media to bread one homogenized people. Living within an artificial reality they 'civilized' people have become disconnected from their true nature. Louis' art seeks to reopen a channel to the Pristine Self within the mind of the beholder.
Herr Fleischauer is a sculptor and performer using organic materials such as animal hides, bones, flowers, blood and his own skin. In his public rituals he turns humans into living sculptures and instruments, including his own body. Through a mix of agony and euphoria Louis falls into a state of trance. His sculptures are a reflection of this experience.The Aesthetic Meat Foundation was formed to shatter the TV-crippled belief system of our so-called "modern world" by introducing apocalyptic art/culture to the main stream. With apocalyptic they do not mean Dooms Day. They see the Apocalypse or Ragnarok more as the change of Aeons, a cleansing process, and the decline of the "modern world".

A fundamental principle in A-M-F is to unleash dynamic states of consciousness through pain, ecstasy as tool for self awareness?
Pain, exhaustion and euphoria have been utilized since ancient times to alter states of consciousness. We utilize those ritual practices and sometimes combine them with modern technology (simulated brain wave frequencies, translation of pain into sound, lights etc) in order to gain different states of self awareness.

What represents for you self awareness? And from an individual point, how this self awareness is related to worship pleasure and experience of ecstasy in your existence in this physical plane?
Self Awareness is ever present as long you are consciously aware of any part of your self, to befully self aware you need to explore the hidden corners of your (sub)-consciousness, the ritual of self worship through pleasure and ecstasy is one way to experience your inner Self to the fullest.
Or do you think your art, transcends all senses in this plane? A-M-F is a gate to your own transcendental reality through carnal experimentation to connect yourself with another dimension of a psychic/spiritual Character?
While I utilize all senses known to be consumed by the flesh of the beholder in my art, there are dimensions and demons that need to be excavated in private. None the less A-M-F can definitely be seen as a ritual tool to shape-shift realities for everyone involved.

Each deprogramming public ritual has a basic concept to explore: Disintegration of mind, human devolution, Self Awareness, Ritual as Purest form of Resistance. So, is your intention to put audience in a state of trance with the purpose to unleash mind in aseries of labyrinths in which people meet its own will through visual, audial, suggestive methods?
The ultimate goal of A-M-F's public rituals is to help the participant to reach a state of mind that is awakening to a point where the mind is able to reconnect with its primordial self. What to do with this knowledge is up to the individual.

How was transformed in your mind the creative idea to generate this symbiosis between flesh, blood, sounds, through AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT?
It all started out with a small piece of meat during my first stage experience in 1993, working with this raw element triggered something in my mind, the law of natural evolution did the rest.

And how has been the development at psychic level, since the beginning in 1996 to now year 2008 according your experiences in visual art as transformation bodyand sculptures?
These days I communicate with the audience more on a level of internal intensity rather then externally. My Sculptures are no longer just wearable art, they have transformed into tools for psychological games (for example chastity belts with hooks, hoods with sound chambers, that cover and blindfold your face, that have springs connected to your body).
And in which way the works of A.O.Spare, Wilhelm Reich, Lovecraft, and Crowley have inspired you in one or another way for your personal development which is obviously reflected in A-M-F?
Spare: His mind was absolutely beautiful. On a practical level I found his form of Kaos magic and experiments with white noise very useful. But also been highly inspired by his writing and drawings.
Crowley: The exercise of Will, his tragic ending as warning, but most of all his "Liber O.Z." themanifesto of the rights of mankind.
Reich: His Orgone theory, especially with the high concentration of orgone in blood which goes well with the Aztec "Tonally"(animating spirit), the energy that keeps the universe in motion. This energy is the essential nourishment of the gods. The core source of this alluring energy is the nectar of life.
Lovecraft: How he gets your mind spinning by only giving hints and lets your fantasy do the rest. The reader can't just consume a finished product, the reader has to participate, and no one will have the exact same experience. It's this form of shape-shifting reality within the mind of the reader that truly inspired me for my public rituals.

What’s “Evolution” for you? Perhaps as a self-awareness, and understanding of our own natures, having in “true will” a platform for this “evolution-Involution”, in a neither, neither state? A neutral state of mind?
Evolution in my definition is a change that has to be beneficial to the subject that goes through a transformation. On a personal level, I believe one needs to be willing to understand it's inner demons in order to become completely self aware, for this is the foundation of spiritual growth. A neutral state of mind can only be benefits for a very limited period of time before it breeds stasis. Struggle is the engine of evolution.Unfortunately mankind likes comfort and stability a bit too much for it's own good and thus humanity has entered a state of de-volution. The general population uses technology and mass communication mostly as tool to kill off their senses and intellect. They numb themselves with entertainment that offers non-information and over stimulation. Our bodies become monstrous lard puppets that have to be transported in wheelchairs, 3-9% off all children have Attention Deficit Disorder, our brains can't process the simple mathematical transaction without acalculator and god only knows how this interview would look without Spell Check!
Tell us a few, about the great development, and general concept behind “Temple Of Flesh” album, and its connection with invocation of blood sun rituals2003/2004?
"Temple of Flesh" is a momentous release in many ways. It is A-M-F's 10 Year anniversary release. The package is a mix of A-M-F history and a reflection of to this dates our most intense ritual series. I made 3 versions of this release:the regular edition:CD, elegantly packaged in a DVD case, Temple of Flesh comes with 6 double-sided cards reflecting the essence of an A-M-F ritual.
"10 Years of Public Deprogramming" edition (limited to 180) with the Temple of Flesh CD, the Blood Sun Rising DVD-r, 996 006 CDR of unreleased Materials and remixes of 1 track of each previous releases. The Flesh Box was limited to only 27 had all the above plus scripts from public rituals, and propaganda posters soaked in cow blood, skull and bone fragments and other remains from previous rituals.
Yet most intriguing part of the Flesh Box was a surprise of un-released material from the A-M-F archives, such as original video tapes from early A-M-F rituals, cdrs with, raw sound sources, cassette tapes, and floppydiscs of songs and sounds. All this was packaged in a wound covered skin jacket, hand sculpted by myself. Each Flesh Box will was unique and included different original material from the A-M-F archives.

The "Blood Sun Rituals" was a series of Public Rituals based on this invocation:
Can you feel your deep desire burning
Are you afraid of your temple of flesh,
Are you afraid to lose your mind in the abyss of ecstasy,
Look around you, are you fulfilled living in this reality,
Is you PC flesh satisfied,Does your media brain need an upgrade,
Thank you for being a valuable part of the economic
food chain,
Every human is a potential threat to our security,
Consumer terrorists everywhere,
Sleeper cells that will never awaken,
for they've diedlong ago,Feed your innermost flame,
Cut open your flesh, inflame your mind,
re-open yourwounds,
This moment only is true,
Spirit cleansed in pain,
burned in pleasure and rebornin blood,
Temple of Flesh set my soul on fire!

This Text has been translated into 12 languages; those spoken words are the base for this record. Later I manipulated and mixed those words with other sounds to sculpt the sound scape for 13 versions of the invocation above.The idea behind the Blood Sun Rituals was to overcome once own numbness, that is created by artificial fears injected daily into our veins by the machinery of corporate mass media. In order to overcome this, one must first re-discover the beauty of Life's intensity.Your body holds the key to this intensity.
At your live rituals, lots of blood is spread from your own body.so, obviously a high quantity of energy is released. Is known some Qliphotic entities need the energy of blood to enter this existential plane... How do you handle such energies and is blood for you a key to a primal state of consciousness?
Never had any problems with blood hungry creatures from outer space, but blood is most definitely a key to primal state of consciousness, the first act in our life in to be covered in blood and embryonic fluids, blood represents birth and death, an open wound is a reflection of the gate to the womb we all want to return to, yet the same wound is also a mirror to your own mortality, how much more primal can you get?

What do you feel, visualize, think when doing suspension, floating in the void covered in blood and experience ecstasy of “pain” ?
I never think when I hang. Visualization and feelings all depend on the environment; I'm very sensitive to what happens around me, sound, light and also the human energy of the audience play a large factor on what is going on in my mind, while I'm travelling above the ground.

Does your primal instincts having any connection with Atavistic Shamanic Teutonic tribes, or Aztec cults, knowing they worship blood as an universal consciousness, a gate between two dimensions (earth/beyond)?
When we invoke our primal instinct we tap into the same vein our forefathers did during their rituals, no matter which gods they invoked.

I know a split Cd between A-M-F/PSYCHONAUT 75 was released.so, could you tell us a few more about this album?
Michael Ford and I have share some of the same visions and are natural allies. I worked with Dana Dark and Ugly Shyla before, one thing let to another and we decided to work on a joint release reflecting our rituals.
I don't want to talk for Psychonaut 75's part of the release, as it is not my creation, but here is the info behind the A-M-F half of this release:The raw material for tracks 2 and 3 is taken from “Pure Kaos Against Total Control”- a public deprogramming ritual, performed in London in November of 2001.

The smell of fear and burning flesh filled the air. Needles penetrated my head and hooks pierced the skin of my back. The taste of noise and pain laid on my chanting tongue. I’m apiece of meat, hanging from hooks above the ground. I’m past the point of agony, I’m dead, nolonger, blood streaming down my face, I have become the Phoenix. The focus of this recording was to capture this moment of transformation by painting a sonique landscape that reflects my experience and interpretation of the Bird Of Oblivion.Other sounds used in this recording are samples of human bone and the removal of flesh, blood, as well a variety of samples taken from unconventional instruments that have been refined at the studio.

Do you have any video material to be released yet? What about your new album or live performances? Temple of Flesh's limited edition comes with a DVD-r of the Blood Sun Rising rituals, then there is the infected blood Video, released with the special edition of “Plague of Humanity”. Currently I'm taking a little pause from recording. Does the use of chains, metal, blood is a suggestive way to visualize expresses your own reality at stage; and is amazing to see audience entering in the mental state when performing your live rituals? Any visual effects to increase the ecstasy and mentalorgasm in future performances?A-M-F is all about creating once own reality, and this starts on stage. There is almost nothing as rewarding for me then to see a real transformation with the mind of an individual in the audience.As for new visuals, at the moment I'm utilizing a lot of my leather work with on stage, to create human instruments.

You says: “fear is a tool to awaken people, to confront people with their own fears”. so, I ask you: How do you confront your own fears? Are fears inhibitions and mental infections imposed by modern society?
Best Way to confront your fear is to face it, I try to do this when ever possible, sometimes that can not be so easily accomplished.You just need to spend 2 minutes at the airport to see how fears are pounded into the minds of the travellers. Look at how often the word SAFETY is invoked. Every time you use a word like SAFETY, SECURITY, BE CAREFUL, etc you automatically suggest that there is somethingto be afraid of. Our society fetishizes those words and media wants us to believe that there is a faceless Terrorist on the way to our own bedrooms.

Is each ritual of A-M-F a personal entrance to a psychic, spiritual, corporal pattern in which you die and reborn, a creation and dissolution of your own reality based in pain, ecstasy and pleasure?
All A-M-F rituals are different, sometimes I die, sometimes I'm reborn, sometimes dissolution comes in form of depression the days after the ritual. The days after a Suspension awareness is still extremely strong, but one is taken out of the fleshly beautiful set of the ritual, and put back into the meaninglessness of our daily conduct just so we can survive in this plastic world.

Last week you were in Amsterdam generating the “Symphony Of Flesh” live ritual...Could you comment us about such performance and the general concept behind it?
“A Symphony of Flesh” performs rituals turning humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience. The energy is designed to slowly build and intensity as the ritual goes on. As the energy gains on intensity the audience is encouraged to participate by playing those human instruments and thus add and manipulate the level of ferociousness.

Before finishing with this conversation, is of high interest to know what comes for A-M-F activities relating new albums, live performances, etc?
2008 is going to be a year of personal transformation and soul searching, not sure how much time I will have to spend on new records, but there are some seeds planted, one just needs to see how long the need to blossom. There are going to be a very few public rituals this year, if all goes well one of them will be in Tokyo this summer.

well, this was a very interesting conversation Mr. Fleischauer, keeps on opening your flesh and thanks a lot for your support!! Feel free to close this interview as you want!Initiate your primal instincts to comprehend your inner demons and read them like books of knowledge.

AEOGA (article)


AEOGA one of the other musical Project of Anti Ittna, based in Northern Finland, which began in 2004 as a way to exaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and to receive, realize and to create material based on both primal and absent vision.To walk AEOGA's path, it's to float in an immerse cosmic sea bathed in shadow figures and black holes devouring themselves all the time…

“Coav” was unleashed in July 2004,stimulating,penetrating,fractal explorations of dark trance-inducing drones focusing into ritualistic-tribal ambient with predomiant emphasis on dissonant abstractions and incredible work of subliminal chants, spoken passages floating behinds dense atmospheres created through 8 chapters developed here in “Coav”. Thin bell sounds and percussive elements marching together at moments arriving to a maximum level of reality in which AEOGA's is as a key to enter undefined magickal space where each enigmatic explorations of man converges. In our opinion Anti Ittna,is one of the best exponents of ritualistic art expressed through sounds, visuals and magickal atavisms. Cover shows us an automatic drawing shape similar to the work of British magician and artist Austin Osman Spare, an abstract reality revealed through “Coav”. And Cd comes in a 3 panel matte paper sleeve placed between two matte black squares. There is a small piece of knotted rope stapled to the front square, which rest in a diagonal side, suits in the larger backing piece. Limited to just 1.000 copies. There is a world that reveals itself slowly behinds 8 chapters through these explorations and is where the strength, essence of Coav is.

“Zenith Beyond The Helix Locus” was evoked in Oct 2005 presents a somber collection of 15 desolated movements, exploring ancient cosmic dimensions and blacken atmospheres of cold-blood red emotion, with enigmatic ritualistic enviroments; tonal soundscapes open doorways to a lull of trance inducing instrumentation. To experience this surreal dimension of AEOGA is to explore minimalistic ambience and evocative instrumentations centered in complex and dynamic atmospheres.The whole compositions are dense ethereal and somber with orational invocations which emerges suddenly provoking a state of gnosis, due the in deep unlimited sonic mantras, developed by AEOGA.this album is brilliant, perfect in the sense of vacuity and penetration we experience when working with such musical expressionism, altered forms of consciousness evoked beyond the Red Zenith Votex, purple seas weaving are the realities we perceive when hearing and visualizing AEOGA. More than just music AEOGA is a perfect mutation of self-illumination through dissolution.

http:// www.helixes.org/aeoga

Follow the all-encompassing coprophagik cycle...To create - To destroy - To work beyond Paradigms.


"The Ain Soph was a first filling All and then made an absolute concentraion into itself whitch produded the Abyss, Deep or Space, the Aveer Quadom or Primitive Air, the Azoth; but this is not considered in the Qabbalah as a perfect void or vacum, a perfectly empty Space, but is thought of as the Waters or Crystaline Chaotic Sea, in which was a certain degree of Light inferior to that by which all the created (world and hierarchies) were made" -Secret Teachings of the Ages~Isaac Myer
AZ=Alpha/Omega. Or Z=Zain the Sword (the intellect,Gemini) Z the buzz ov insects and electricity. AZA=beginning-end-beginning conceived az the same(The Quantum realm/Hologram), the Increase of Aetheric/Morphic fields, AZA is also the mother of all demons.
AZAG (summerian) means enchanter, magician.In arabic; Izzu Tuhuti, means Power of Thoth.
AZOTH=Essence, Spirit ov the Philosophers stone, that which can tranzform lead into Gold, Quick Silver, the Mercurial flame, the Astral light (Akashic Records) , 4 dimension, 5th element. Azoth has been equated with Nitrous Oxide (Laughting gas) and a Chaotic neutral force the that conducts attraction and repulsion in Electromagnetism. The Midevil Alchemist Paracelsus named his Sword "AZOTH" and was said to have kept the "Red Azoth" with spirit ov it in a Crystal ball on hilt ov it that assumed the form of a"small Demon Bird". He was known to sleep with this Sword.Paracelsus said that Azoth could be made into a Universal Medicine that could cure diseases. He gave red wine and the Azoth red powder ("the Red Lion , or Griffin") that cured his daughter, for which he considered a better use than a ton of gold. The Soviet nuclear program discovered "Red Mercury", a cherry red powder or a very dense molecular structure or a liquid that had remarkable properties was used to make miniature War heads, and cure disease. The recipe has leaked out and was sold on the black marked to the US...
I found that in Sumerian "UD-KA-DUH-A" tranzlates to"Demonbird" a Panther-Griffin associated with Mesopotamian Nergal, Lord of the Neither World. "UD KA DUH A" was known by the Summerians in the sky az the Nebula, Star cluster and black hole today called Cygnus X-1. It's also the first black hole phenomenon to be discovered by modern Science. Petter Carrol, Chaos Magcian and founder of Illuminates of Thanateros said that the nearest portal to Azathoth is in Cygnus.
AZATHOTH: the "Primordial nuclear Chaos" that sits at center of all Infinity, Bubbling and Babbling, Amidst the mad pounding of vile or hidden drums dancing to the sound of a Flute. The Flutes of PAN, That flute that can lullaby even the Serpent. It's said to be surrounded by thousands of Mad Jesters, Jestering Aimlessly on forever...There is described Alien rhythms, vaguely musical arpeggios (RPG8s are widely used in electronic music) half acoustic pulsing, Purple mist, Shifting angles,and Kaleidoscopic colors. Anyone who's Dropped some Shrooms, Acid/XTC, ect.and went to a Tribal drumming, Rave or Goth/Industrial club has experienced a ritual of this. This type of muzak, and gatherings are rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity multiplying, sycronizing all over the planet 24/7 non stop. Take the 8 lettered name ov AZATHOTH or Baphomet if you will and break it down to a numerical pattern or morse code and put into a 4/4 rhythm/beat. The Shrodengers Cat iz out of the Box and there's nothing you can do to stop it! It has been said that when Shiva awakens, he releases the drummers to shake up the matter and get it dancing. Understand that Azathoth iz a worm that tranzforms into many Fractal butterflies...and no longer iz blind ("My color is black to the blind"-Book of the Law), it just a has wondering Eyes, and has gained many Minds... One way iz via the the attempt to channel the radiations in this world and control it by devices such az: Radio, T.V., Internet, satellites, micro waves, nuclear reactors (power to heal and destroy), Zero point tech-knowagey, ect. Think of it az a cocooning process. The mass production of this and Global linkup in effect will make it Non-Local and Holographic, continuously resurrected everyday, Necromancy at its finest.
Listen the the whispers in the static, it iz formless and fluid, ancient and pure, bathing all it encounters with the voice of the Void...
~Messenger/Grand No-Master, .*.AzOtEp .*.

viernes, 3 de octubre de 2008



Claudio Carvalho is a Brazilian artist and hermetist for many years. Into art he has been working with strange models from my unconsciouness,inspired by the works of Austin Osman Spare,and other magickal artists. he assumes for himself as focus to manifest determined forces from unseen to visible. As to Tarot, he is dedicated to Tarotic Science from early 80 years, however, his searching is directed to the Crowley & Harris Tarot since 1985, period of which he discovered it for his life. so here is the answers to some questions from this dedicated South American magickian and artist give to us.

Since your childhood transdimensional alien energies, were expressed through oniric realms, right! In which way such contacts awaken in yourself a kind of magickal, artistical transformation, which is latent in each one of your drawings?
I started drawing very young yet. My designs were based on the pre-history specimens that had been extinct millions of years ago. These were some reptiles, amphibians and insects. For me this has indicated a strong connection with a subtle Current too old, the symptoms were clear.
From my pre-adolescence new lines were taking shape, several portraits that emerges of some aliens source that arose spontaneously in my imagination, however, the atmosphere and excitement were totally real, because I led to a kind of mental introversion very strong. I did dream also with very remote places localized here on Earth and other planes out there, whose geography was very strange, as was young I did not know and had no clue of what were all those places. But I did receive some confirmations many years later.
In short, there was a spontaneous development into me, but I had no understanding necessary to interpret it and each day had been expressing more and more.

Or do you think your studies and learnings in the fields of magick, occultism, art, and symbology were important points for a perfect complement with your artistical, visionary attributes as artist?
It was inevitable; I have always been avid for knowledge. Of course, it helped. I think it was a consequence to that I could improve the drawings that I make today.

Is known automatic drawing is a method used by you Claudio. so, explain us a few about such technique and how does it comes to your consciousness lines, traces to create a determinate drawing. And when do you think you have finished such artistical expressionism?
The automatism according to some, it explores the exact moment when the Ego is not in the "command". In this hour I am really with my attention fully aligned to my inspiration when there is no interference mental, it is like a flow of the here and now. When you finish the design, it seems that you did it in fraction of seconds and did not take any time in achieving it. It is very difficult to put that into words. In the end, it is as I said above, the time-space back to the "reality" of the Ego, usually typified for the conscience awakens or so-called vigil.

You are married with Lilia Palmeira right! Due the perfect complement through both of you. In the magickal, artistical expressionism. Could we say she is the “black eagle”(as Mr Spare express) a materialization from a sub-conscious deep desire of Claudio from many years ago?
This is a good question. And the answer is yes and no. She is my muse, shakti, suvasini, Black Eagle, companion, as you like. But there is another perspective about that, so that I don’t prefer going into details, sorry.

Due, you works with the techniques of atavism resurgence…how has been to understand, to compenetrate yourself with such primal sub-conscious energies? And what about to work with qliphotic energies?
It works like an intense and deep immersion into his Self. The understanding and the keys come with the necessary daily experience with these energies.
The qliphotics energy under my point of view is completely different from the vision of Aleister Crowley and others still see in this way.
I regard this type of alien energy, i.e. Your Unconscious, where you usually make incessant Congress, or interact closely with these forces for self. There are two pillars within man, two Polarities that form a chain of reactions that are commonly unwanted states in humans, which leads to a large seesaw as it goes and comes in the game of life. These reactions or links are in devastating all the time, and there are several adjectives for them, such as compulsion, insecurity, hatred, sadness and so on. But these Primordial Polarities need to be neutralized, and thus integrate the man to his Self.

This is one of the forms and operations with the qliphoth.
Kenneth Grant speaks of Babalon as archetype of qliphoth or the Outer Forces and there is another key to the value of a shakti prepared and carved for this "task".
Black Eagle as previous example opens doors while the qliphoth are vehicles that lead us to the self. So there was some "movement", purposeful of course, to conceal the real function of qliphoth, otherwise what would be the Tunnels of Seth, the Formula 231 applied to them that not even Crowley succeeded to understand. Applying the Arithmology on this we can see an interesting mathematic as 2 = Cooperation, 3 = Expansion and 1 = Activation. These three combinations only arise if you can access the qliphoth accurately.

Which doors were open to your psychic world, to work with such energies? And in which way do you think the influence of A.O.Spare and the Zos Kia Kultus helped you to your personal, artistical development?
As I said earlier, from the moment that I do neutralize my Inner Polarities. I am sure that I am still in that process.
Ok, now, we’re on the other point. Every impulse or irradiation is what expresses a genuine Current, has a kind of gravitation, this attracts those who are prepared or have innate ability to this energy, so he receives the emanations of the Core of Current. Obviously, you also receive some of those who are also linked to the Core of Current. It’s a form of “alien nutrition” because it transcends the terrestrial conscience. It has been helping and continues to help me and others who are connected in some way through the inner planes.

Is known you are working together Lila Palmeira in a project called THE SOCIEDADE LAMATRONIKA.so, could you reveal us more about such project? And where from comes to your mind the idea of such development?
The SL is an outer gateway from something very internalized. I would like to put this clear that it is not an Organization that accepts people or have some kind of status.
The SL works as organizer of holistic events as the word suggests, it contains several strands into its work, such as energetic therapy, tarot, occultism, witchcraft, art and so on. No matter what about the line addressed since there is no serious basis and work. We are not bound by close ties to any physical established Order. Its development is becoming a serious and responsible vehicle of knowledge to those interested.

Is there any connection between the sociedade lamatronika and the LAM entity, represented through the current 93 and the works of Aleister Crowley?
Yes. The SL is an engineering of LAM. This Gateway as any other genuine Current is developing continuously, ad æternum, thus LAM has been developing since the Crowley times, and before him has been turning and after we continue this process always on, to go.

Does your principal point through your graphic symbology (drawings) is to represents a definite language designed to facilitate your communication with your own subliminal-psychic world?
Surely. Any genuine artist, not just designer or painter, but also playwrights, sculptors, writers, dancers, poets and even those who work into scientific fields, when one does something for love and total dedication, everyone within his/her specialty, with his/her own language and consequently using a formula combined with the subtle language, certainly he/she will be guided to the object beloved.
In terms very technical, I have a vehicle that can be called AL'AN that can be guided to the manifestation through "Plastos Atmosféricos", as they are conduits of energy they bring and take power from invisible to the visible and vice versa.
Any artist brings something not only to manifestation, he also leads, and this is a typical formula for Reversal of Senses that Kenneth Grant presents in his books.

you told me about the inspirational source of the current 93,thoth cards…so, in your opinion in which way do you think such influences marks you to improve your way of living through your own magickal reality?
The Tarot as a whole, but especially the Tarot of Thoth serves as a model or graphic to my path. I can say that there is a closest symbiosis between me and Tarot. I thought one thing that you said before very interesting.
The 93 current is fully connected and vice versa (remember about what I spoken before as to invisible and visible) with the Thoth Cards. I’ll indicate one point which is usually the resulted of much discussion around it. The Thoth Cards NEVER was an accurate creation of Crowley; he was only a vehicle as could have been anyone that was capable for this task. I say the same thing about the Book of the Law, Aiwass never was the Holy Guardian of Crowley, and he understood about that into his last eight years of life.
If there was no a innate skill of Crowley, about the BE of him, the best of all scarlet women of him, Lady Frieda Harris, I do think that the new
Tarotic formatting never would manifest at that period, perhaps years later, because nobody is irreplaceable referring to tasks. If a person does not correct, they put other one into the place. The Brethrens has means to do so. Many authors before Crowley, and even then as Idries Shah Zayed said that the Tarot needed to be reviewed. And so it was done. I believe that the next 1000 years at least, there will be no need to re-structure the Tarot. This is one of the things that I will put in my future book on the Tarot of Thoth. Maybe this is my reality magic.

And from your own perspective, which is “reality” for you? Perhaps, reality is just an illusion, and it depends exclusively on personal emanations through this existential plane?
The reality is your own universe, or your consciousness. Inevitably that your reality will interact with other universes those are similar so that they are connected by a subtle network as an arachnidan network. Now, there is another reality that is far beyond the division, but only being there to know it (differently to understanding it). In my case I only know that, I still no understanding what is there beyond. Perhaps all this is an Illusion indeed. It can be red the god Shiva?

Then, could we say all limits & limitations are illusions, because reality is changing constantly, is transforming all the time? So, reality as a matter of energy & conception?
Something likes this. But all this Kerval, will penetrate into the field of intellect and the words. What I can say about that we need to understanding, not just to know.

You were talking about a direct communication between the visible & invisible which you called “Fantastic Atmospheric Tangential” so, is this kind of neither-neither? Appoint where converges fantastic, atmospheric, tangential creating a concrete artistical force?
Yes. I explore my universe from this way. In reference to the convergence I can synthesize it as follows:
Fantastic – What only has existence into the imagination; existing into the imagination. Atmospheric - The air and the environment; the sky. Gases surrounding the Earth, i.e. Oxygen & Azote = Nitrogen.
Tangential – Related to tangent - Line or other surface area that comes at one point.
Fantastic Atmosphere Tangent reflects a subjective communication, though direct, between the visible and invisible, through which named as atmospheric plastos, which is manifested into æsthesis perceived or impress with into awake consciousness by the fantastic or somehow the personal imaginary from the artist. These impressions are integrated in this way as spirits in the frame paper, reificating images and opening new doors towards Quintessential Source (Azote of Wises).
The objective Form appears with Its Real Essence without losing the subtle perspectives from the Non-form. Thus, the lines and traces of my art can express a "purely aesthetic tangential" that interpenetrate dimensions merging two kind of universes, the manifested and imanifested.

Reveal us a few about your upcoming projects and your last artistical expressions?
Learning and advancing. We have been planning to expose our artwork into some galleries, perhaps in 2009 if there is no time for that at this moment, because we have much work to complete in 2008.
We are working in order to bring serious experts, scholars and so on from the other Countries giving a good chance for the Brazilian public can interact with an excellent source of knowledge, besides the Brazilian public is avid for knowledge and also very curious. Brazil is an excellent source of natural wealth’s, especially in the field spiritual, but there is a huge gap in the holistic scene. Maybe by our culture, so corrupted at the time of the military dictatorship in the 60 and 70 years and even geographical distance from Europe, where is the vanguard of this knowledge.

We also change something at least in this area; there are many suspicious eyes coming out there, because of a mediocre handful that caused this here in Brazil. There is unfortunately a "hidden" rancid which comes from Marcelo Motta and does continue through his followers that fouled the Brazilian image in this scene for over forty years. Now we have to clean it, and the results appear little by little, because the SL is becoming a Brazilian reference for other countries.

So, thanx a lot for your time Claudio…I just hope to meet you beyond the stars…your final words here please?
Well, I hope that new hidden talent in the scene may arise, always mirroring caressingly into their Selves. Take a life simple, labour & pleasure are combined very well. There is time for everything into the life. Balance the four plans, material, mental, emotional and spiritual. If one of these is wrong, nothing other states have been worked out well, one hour the “inner house” falls.
Thanks Kerval for this opportunity and that his work can always move on. Ok, go ahead.



Fernando Cerqueira,the deconstructive soul behinds THISCO Records, from Portugal have the twisted idea to gather the different ideas,visions,thoughts in the fields of eclectic occultism. Giving Birth to ANTIBOTHIS, a collection of book anthologies featuring texts, interviews and diverse visions breaking the normal standards of so many publications. Creating different vortices of information, generating dynamic paradigms of ultra cultural transformation which has as final purpose to program, to infect to alter the sub-conscious of readers vial a lot of channels. In each channel, you will experience eclectic convergences.In the Vol I, you will find so very interesting articles interviews with: Adel Souto, talking about his deep experiences in Tantra and Kundalini.Also Mr. Souto reveal us an interesting article called “Need Money? Messiahood Awaits”. Wilfred Hou Je Bek, includes an excerpt from the second crystal punk manifesto called “The Future Was Our First Love (And It Will Be Our Last)”,” Can We Survive? A Certain Model Of A Controlled Future” is an article written by Finnish Pentti Linkola, revealing in part the human limitations which are destroying the eco system. Iona Miller comes with “Pandrogeny 2005”, a long article based on Genesis P.Orridge and hir transcendental pandrogeny breaking the concepts of duality, sexual genders as hormonal alchemy. “Unreal”, an article dealing with apologies to William Burroughs and Jhonatan Swift. Japanese Kenji Siratori, deconstructing his futuristic paradigms through “Mind Virus”. Also I cooperate with two interviews Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati and also I cooperate with an extensive conversation with Denny Sargent (FR.Aion)…also you shall find lots of more interesting articles. 104 pages of ultra-cultural information, transcending the realities of present time and no-time, coz this is an organism mutating, changing all the time in all directions. This first volume also includes a Cd compilation with acts such as RAPOON, RASAL.ASAD, ANDRY KIRITCHENKO, PHIL VON, KENJI SIRATORI, THERMIDOR… among others!
The VOL II, also has such eclectic nature, and enlightmnet dis-informative currents converging all the time, the different facets, visionary realities, are aspects which we must explore in order to understand the essence hidden behinds ANTIBOTHIS.and with this second volume ANTIBOTHIS establish as a vortex mutating through spiritual, deconstructive paradi
gms, developing spontaneous articles and interviews with: Erik Davis,kwon by his book “Techgnosis” and several essays from his own, bring us “The Wandering Sufi”,”Sigil,Logos & Lucky Charms” is a practical document revealing aspects inherent to symbolic sorcery and beliefs. Brian Dean, Carl Abrahmanson, Andrew M. McKenzie…among others contributes with in deep articles worth to check. Also myself contributes with Oryelle Defenestrate and Aesthetic Meat Front interviews. An evolutive organism devouring standard, primitive structures, in all directions, and never static. ANTIBOTHIS is a experimental magickal grimorium,unleashing unlimited perspectives for dynamic individuals, always questioning themselves,adopting new elements to their own reality.also,ANTIBOTHIS offer you a compilation Cd including artists such as : HYBRYDS,ORYELLE,O YUKI CONJUGATE,COTTON FEROX,AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT…among others!!Remember ANTIBOTHIS is an evolutive parasite disinverting cultural reality through the dissimination and dispersion of alternatives vortices of information and infinite chaotic propaganda,speculation,stimulation to revolutionize the dynamics of life in a total process of cultural transformation, empowered by the will, reclaiming our guts and revolt in the name of imagination in opposition to toxic life on low awareness, herd mentality and programmed through, infecting human minds and after their behaviours.



By Louis Martinie


The ancestors are those who have come before and now stand at ones back. It is their combined weight that fills and informs the sorcerers' words in their becoming. The ancestors may include many or few, their number or numberlessness is a choice of the individual practitioner They contain within themselves all that has combined to make us what we are. It is as if they stand holding hands in an unbroken line that reaches back before the creation of this world. The rites allow us to consciously take our place in this great line. To speak the name of all of ones ancestors is to speak ones own name in its most pregnant fullness.

The following is a description of a rite I perform in the morning upon rising. Altar - The altar faces North and through it flows the combined wills of all those dead who have gone before. On the altar are objects that carry the touch of physical esthetic and spiritual ancestors. A large figure stands upon the altar. It is infused with the virtue of the obsession that brought me into incarnation. Food/Drink - There is a cup upon the altar containing sweet and bitter waters. Sugar A used to create the sweet inland water and salt is added to form the bitter sea water. The contents of the cup are replenished as needed. Each time more liquid is added to the cup, a plate of food is prepared and set upon the altar. It may be important to note that when human ancestors feed, they do not leave mold upon the food. The growth of mold points to pre-human appetites. Rite - Enter the temple and stand before the altar. Both hands form the gesture of the Marassa (twins) as separate. This is done by bending down the three mid-fingers and separating the thumb and small finger as far as possible. The Marassa stand apart.

While in this gesture, create the self as separate from all about it. Next, join the small finger and the thumb. Spread the three mid-fingers in the form of a triangle. The joining of the thumb and the small finger is the union of the Marassa. The three mid fingers form the Cower created by this union. The configuration illustrates the formula 1 + 1 = 3. In this equation, the plus sign is seen as the third element. That which unites the twins forms three. Dip the joined small and mid fingers into the waters. Hold both hands up while creating a current and sending it back in time through the link of the ancestors. One hand sends current back through the fathers side and the other hand sends current back through the mothers side. Repeat the names and image all the ancestors that are remembered. Send the current back past conscious memory.

At some moment in its travels, the current will seem to weaken. Call the current back upon yourself the instant before it begins to weaken. This becomes quite easy with practice. When the current strikes, eat the names of all remembered and forgotten ancestors. Touch the forehead with the joined fingers of both hands. Depart from the temple.


FR. AION (Interview)

Mr. Sargent aka Fr. AION is actually one of the most interesting personalities inside the occult / magickal expressionism nowadays. He has written a lot of books, essays and is well known due his magickal works at HORUS / MAAT lodge. Painter, Poet, Writer, Magician, Deconstructionist…in a deep conversation we have months ago.

For me your strong relationship with Pan is a kind of spiritual marriage… so, how such union transformed D. Sargent in a magickal force known as AION?
That is one of the most insightful questions anyone has ever asked me. I was a Pagan in the 1970s, initiated into Wicca at 14 yrs old and really just always knew I was a feral critter, most at home in the woods- then I went camping alone in the mountains and BAM met Pan- I wrote a poem about that first encounter:PURPOSEFUL AIMLESSNESS to reverse unnatural ORDER of things to untangle the twisted knots of reversible inconsistents one must...Dance. illogically ssspin & sing Those songs never uttered never known ...irrational... evoke those presences never felt to see the unknowable realize the impossible to find that which you do not seek That which you’ve always had in your hands Love and merge with the fearful chaos of life....laughing And in such pursuits ever mark ye the print of the hoof…After that, at college, in a state of walking trance one day I ‘got’ my motto- All into One Into None- it seemed in a burst of insight to me to be the formula of all attainment of Gnosis- at least from my point of view. AIOIN- a few days later, I not being a Qabalist at that point, a Soror of our circle (in NYC- The Grove of the Star & Snake) informed me that my fixation” Pan” was 131 and so was AION... I realized that the second ‘into’- wasn’t really there in the formula- because once Unity (one) exists- it is NONE- Kether is Tao….something like that. It was only later I discovered that Aion was a god form- another long conversation.Back to Pan, yes, spiritual, sexual, mental, emotional, energetic- the Loa Pan possessed me in a sense, But it wasn’t until years later that the Godforem tapped me- slapped me actually- and made me write the Book of Gate
http://www.psychicsophia.com/TempleofPan Over the period of a few years- The wild coast of WA state, the San Juan Islands (also will) and…New York City! Such a sense of humor.

Does…”all into one into none” a kind of dissolution of your being into yourself, a kind of creation & destruction of all your creative magickal will into a concrete force in universe?

Here is Nothing, it Plays- that is ALL”- Pan indeed. No matter what magickal paths and avenues I pursue, I always come back to Taoism & the Tao, The root of being is non being.

Is the mask of AION a kind of astral magickal form of psychic energy transformed into this physical plane?

Holy shit. I don’t know. What a questions!I guess so- it is just a mask for some energy- when I was living as a caretaker of a ski lodge in the high mountains (really) I had the vision of each being as a ‘donut’ of energy, up & out , like a magnet w/2 poles but- a hollow center- void filled Maybe I´m that.A big happy Tao-filled donut of orgone.

Do you think it’s important for you to respect nature to understand its powers and attributes and to use it as integral parts in our inner self?

More than anything. Nature is All- Pan is merely a lense of the Goddess- As the Tao the Ching says (not to beat this Taoist thing to death here) ‘How do I know all this is true? By observing Nature’We damage Gaia, we kill ourselves.

Talking about nature…people think paganism is to worship deities inside nature. From my perspective paganism in its powerful facet is to know, understand and to dominate with wisdom the cosmic laws which “inhabits” the earth. Your opinion?I`m in agreement EXCEPT the word/idea of Dominate- quite the opposite. The more one strives, the more harm one creates- to do without doing, a terribly hard thing to do in this world, is my goal- I love sailing- no one dominates in sailing. You steer, tack, come about, read the tides and currents, cut the sails and feel your way with the wind and weather. That is life when following your True Will- you are following your Orbit- nothing more. When sailing, the smaller the ripples and the wake, the faster and smoother you are going. Nature provides everything- we have but to shut up, peel away the layers of programming, REMEMBER what we always have known and honor all thingsontheearthasis alive. I once talked to an Uulchi Shaman (from Siberia) and she said that the primary feeling one should always have when being on the earth, with every footstep, is gratitude!THAT is paganism, being (pagani) ‘of the Earth!)

Man adapts its own reality through senses. Does a perfect way for man to understand his own reality is to learn not to see but observe?Neither, it is to KNOW: Thus Tantra, which means ‘to weave’, the core of true Magick was never lost in the Tantrik lineages as it was in the West due to the Xian plague- the core mysteries, the weaving of the senses, of the sexes of all energies- this is magickThis is the same as GNOSIS or Knowing the Western equivalent formula is that of the Sphinx: Know, Will, Dare and Be Silent…

And from such point (to observe) self-knowledge which patterns do you see in the actual society to be “optimistic” for a kind of magickal evolutive awakening?Evolution is a painful process, it means change, change is always hard because we become comfortable with our island-realities that float upon the chaos universe by saying ‘I am...’ or I have...’ we can exert some stability and perceived continuity in our lives, make some sort of order, the problem is that we then see all inescapable shifts, changes, losses as disasters and towers, pain that we seek to avoid….yet Nature and Evolution, either fortunately or unfortunately (depends on POV) done ‘care’ about the emotional security of individuals, there are larger patterns at work here….We are in general living longerWe have greater food suppliesMedical advances extend lifetimesInformation has exploded expidentially & pervasivelySomething is slouching towards the new Bethlehem to be born...Born...

In my opinion we are in a magickal current moving from death to rebirth and from rebirth to death (magically talking) constantly. In which way do you think it affects or help our magickal path to self-evolution?
LOL!All of those concepts are dust- matter is energy, energy is matter, one becomes the other- nothing is lost or found- only transformation. Or the echo of it exists…Even that is a silly pile of dust- I can’t believe I’m doing this- quoting myself….oy!In my Book of Pan it says:. No-thing has changed or ever was. All illusions change as rapidly as that-which projects-illusion changes. I am the Stage and incorporate all Pieces in the Game as well as the Player.. Each Seed has an essence which it must fulfill as it grows... a rock is there? Around. Lightening? A new shoot. Disease? A new branch. Until it too becomes that which will be a Seed again.. Nothing dies, the wit is to ask what is not always alive that says it better than I could.Or do you think nothing which is evolutive or involutive exists, when we break the limits of your own perceptions and illusory universe?No thing…….can/not……………..exist.By the fact universe is an illusion which emerges from nothingness. This illusion, Maya, Malkkuth is the object from magickal work at earth is one of the principal points in magickal with the purpose to complete the energy’s circuit necessary for change?Any map will do maps that have been used by generations build up both positive mana and momentum that can help you as well as ropes of dogma and belief that can limit or restrict you so, two aspects one action Each World Image is a Game board, a mandala, a TREE-“My hair, the trees of Eternity’“Live like a tree walking” – AOSI see the pattern in my hands outstretched- look at your palms- 10 fingers = 10 spheres- the Tree of Life is encoded in our physical being ….and matter and energy are the same, so…
Now, tell us more about your actual activities with the magickal community and your project “the book of pan”?
I am currently what could be called a ‘tantrick householder’, a wonderful title that Tantrick magick gives to those who choose a magickal path along with the mundane path of spouse, parent, worker etc- I honestly see the most magickal things in my life as my work (I’m an ESL Teacher Trainer) and my family- especially my teenage autistic kid.It is all magick- every day is some sort of initiation, In terms of what others might call magick….My art is #!- I’m a ceramic artist, I create ritual vessels- some I sell through a new age store, the large hand built pieces are being collected for a potential show as I slide into old age, I see myself as a magickal ceramic artist- I got a new throwing wheel for My 50th birthday and plan to create a studio at my home- I started with clay magick in 1974- got very serious (a number of shows) decided the life was too hard and slid into teaching ESL for 18 years- I now return…I am also an author- mostly ‘occult’ books and I see this as a crucial arena for expressing myself to a wider magickal community- my books are: BOOKS PUBLISHED:

Heal The Earth, an Environmental Textbook, Dawn Press, Japan 1991-

Global Ritualism, Myth and Magick around the World, Llewellyn Publishing 1994Web site: http://www.psychicsophia.com/globalritualism.html
The Magical Garden, (with Sophia), Andrews McMeel Publishing 2000
Your Guardian Angel & You, Redwheel/Weiser 2004 (out now)
Tokyo Today, City Life News (Tokyo), Pan Gaia Magazine (USA)Coming soon- published by Redwheel/Weiser: CLEAN SWEEP also titled, Banishing!
I am hoping to do, in the future, books on Tantrika, Ancestor shrines, Shin to and other topics- Is a looooong-term project I have to tackle- it is a whole system of Nameless Aeon magick centered on a transmission I received-The web site tells more.For the, record beginning in 1972 I have been initiated And involved with:- Pagan Way - CAW (church of all worlds)- Welsh Traditional Wicca (several covens)- CES (church of the eternal source)- The Grove of the Star & Snake (NYC)- The OTO (Kenneth Grant’s version- Iam an ex member- booted!!)- QBLH(I’m missing a few others…Oh, Cult of Isis, Cultus Euphoroa….etc)- Nath Tantrik Lineage (Gurudev Mahendranath- I was initiated as a tantrik in 1980)Tibetan Buddhism (Sakya initiations- Green Tara, 21 Tara)And, of course, the HML – Horus Maat lodge, which I helped, found in, I think 1979.All of this is fun and interesting and means very little most of the interaction I have with the wider occult community outside of my close family & friends, is through some elists and the HML. I manage the HML website (http//:www.horusmaat.com) and also edit a much wider-audience web zine called SILVER STAR - http//:www.horusmaat.com/Silverstar

You traveled here to Peru, South America, which were the principal magickal transmutations performed in such sacred land? Any sacred plants consumed in your shamanic trips to meet god pan, heheh?

Sophia and I love to travel, we loved Peru but didn’t do any formal rituals with indigenous peoples- but we did do many impromptu rites earthing the Double Current at various amazing & glowing sites like Macchu Picchu.Some of the key symbols we encountered- the stepped Inca cross- resonated powerfully for us…they are now part of our inner reality.

Nowadays techno shamanism or technoanimism, seems as to observe cyberspace as the realm of mystical, magickal discovery and evolutive advance? Your point here?I think I said it all in my essay on cyber lodges:Http://www.horusmaat.com/silverstar/SILVERSTAR4-PG47.htm

Does cyberspace & magickal space are purely manifested in imagination, built by your own thoughts & feelings?

Great question.Yes and no we connect with others in many ways and that connection- as abstract as it is in cyberspace, is as real as anything else and as a Taoist/Buddhist I truly think nothing Is real… I once did a radio show pushing a book (Global Ritualism) and on it a tech guy talked about cyberspace being the exoskeleton of a greater consciousness or being- a group mind of the human race (what some call N’Aton) this is the evolutionary hope I think. That being said, fantasy becomes reality sci fi ideas like cloning- total fantasy 20 years ago, have manifestedWhat is the relationship between cyberspace and the ‘akasha’ or magickal universe?This is the great work =- to discover Quantum physics, string theory, all point to us creating our own reality via perception if so, then cyberspace and its limitlessness opens up the possibilities of such manifestation to a galactic level!I think, in this vein, we can ‘find’ ‘explore’ and/or ‘create’ magickal realities in cyberspace. here is one example from my life- Starstone temple:Http://www.horusmaat.com/silverstar/SILVERSTAR5-PG5.html

Is one of the principal goals at maat magick the preparation to our meeting, knowledge, and understanding of our specie with no- human intelligences beyond any rational, irrational, logical, illogical platform?

I’m just not sure of that for myself, I know that is what Nema thinks.I guess so, since I think that we are going to end up doing that eventually anyway But- and here I do have some strong feelings, it has become trendy in the new occult movements to focus on interstellar ort alien beings, it seems to me to be a bit Xian (they will save us!) and there is a real possibility of mistaking the map for the territory here.Inner work is inner work- I have see Cthulhu, Lam and any number of other alien beings in dream, with some very wild and powerful results (the Lam dream coincided with my bathroom mirror being inexplicably flung across the room & smashed by noone…) but, what are we talking about here? It is inner individual spiritual work- the ‘source’ of such alien touches are inner if they are ‘real’ is unimportant.Nema and I have chatted about this, she has written and often said that humanity has to get its own house in order, I think she told me once that alien intelligences had ‘quarentined’ earth until we evolved properly. So, the key is this: we have to DO IT OURSELVES, all the alien stuff wont help if we poison/nuke the planet, we have to evolve and awaken as a species- no external force can help us in this great work, like a bird emerging from a shell…

Incubating the Maatian factor in our consciousness are we entering in an inner magickal world balanced by synthesis and reintegration of our own senses?Ha! That is completely up to you!If you mean as a species, well, it seems to me that as the force and fire of Horus electrocutes the planet, the instant-karma of Maat is right behind it. a good example is Al Gore and his movie about global warming, and suddenly storms! Snow! Wake up call!As a whole, our senses are being torn a bit away from the mass-drugged-TV-stupor & sleepwalking nightmare of (what AOS called so perfectly) THE HELL OF THE NORMAL.

When developing a ritual we must be open to influx of “internal” & “external” consiousness.an intense, intuitive translational and ecstatic state of self perfection and realization of reality in its fundamental and ultimate aspects? About this very thing:Here is a long snip from my book GLOBAL RITUALISMChapter 12 review As we blithely swing through the myths, religions, cultures and rituals of the world, it should be obvious that we are only catching select glimpses of a number of massive subjects, like views from a train window as it rushes through numerous countries and odd landscapes. Yet just as days of these glimpses can bestow a sense or feeling about a foreign country, so too (it is hoped) will this overview generate some interesting ideas and conclusions concerning ritual activity. This study of comparative religions and mythologies, through the lense of rituals and ritual patterns, leaves us with a few basic conclusions that neither call for belief nor encourage disbelief;

1. All cultures in every part of the world seems to evolve myths and beliefs in similar ways if left to organically evolve.

2. Philosophical religions such as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity sprung from (usually in reaction to) one of these “organic” natural myth/belief systems and proceeded to impose their teachings in an overt and “non-organic” manner.

3. The natural myths/beliefs/rituals of pre-philosophical religious systems never truly disappear, they simply reemerge in whatever system is imposed. Thus the Goddess became the Virgin Mary, the Black Virgin of Guadalupe, the “sister” of Mohammed, the “mother” of Buddha and so forth. Again, without attaching any positive or negative qualities, let’s look just at ritual making activity and come to some general conclusions:

1. Human beings, no matter where they live on the planet, are ritual-making creatures.

2. There are two main goals of all ritual activity and these two goals are often inextricably entwined; to insure prosperity and to access the divine or spiritual.

3. Virtually all of the more complex rituals in the world generally follow the set pattern or “ritual blueprint” outlined in this book, to wit; Establishing Intent Banishing Creating the Sacred Space Centering the Space Invocation/Evocation: Magick Offerings & Sacrifices Concluding “Postmortem” & Results

4. Though myths, myth systems, rituals, concepts of divinity and ideas about the “spirit world” are widely different around the world, most of these differences are essentially superficial. The points of similarity are remarkable and in this light certain generalizations can be made about all ritual-making cultures.

A. The divine is accessible through a world (or dimension or state of mind) that is different from the usual one.

B. Certain individuals, either through natural gift, heredity, divine grace, hard work or ordination may act as channels to/through this “other” dimension/world etc. or thus have access to the divine.

C. The divine manifests in many forms and with many different “personalities.” Even the most monotheistic cults agree to this in some sense.

D. Though the divine is manifest in numerous powers, gods, forms, aspects, spirits, energies and so forth, most ritualists accept that these many are indeed One (even if this One is actually None). Even the most extreme polytheistic cults agree to this in some sense.

E. The forces, powers and physical manifestations of Nature (especially the human body) were the first energies to be seen and ritually dealt with and are indeed the root of all religious/myth systems of the world, whether they are now acknowledged as being so or not.

The term “archetype” has been use rather liberally in this text to indicate one of many powers, patterns, forms or energies that are apparent and manifest in virtually every culture and that seem to be deeply rooted within the Group Unconscious mind. Most of these archetypes have historically been so identified with natural forces or powers that they are seen as virtually identical, though variations, shifts and differences are common. These universal archetypes emerge in cultures in the form of gods, spirits, kami, kachina and any number of other labels for “immensely powerful supernatural being.” Such personified natural powers as the Earth Mother/Father, the Sky Father/Mother and the Sun God/Goddess are all examples of trans-cultural archetypes.One thing that seems to be a universal constant is simply the existence of this archetypal complex, this system of humans interacting with their creative intelligence, the various layers of their unconscious mind and the world (physical and spiritual) around them in search of the divine or magickal.

Ritual, in a sense, is humanity’s method of attempting to find or create meaning and order in the universe.There are two anthropological schools of thought as to why myths, ritual patterns and what has been referred to as archetypes are so similar around the world, it is simply not important to this treatise as to which is correct, but The first school of thought points to dissemination. In other words, these traditions, ideas and archetypes were formulated somewhere (one could guess Africa, along with the origin of the species) and then were spread by intercultural contact throughout the world.

The second school of thought insists upon “parallel evolution.” The idea is that all people around the world have within them these same archetypes because they share a “group unconscious” or “genetic mind” from whence these patterns and powers emerge into the myths and cultures of different lands, in (of course) slightly different ways. In either case, the conclusions concerning the similarity of myths, rituals and deities still stand and, for all practical purposes, the reason why this is so may matter little to the practicing eclectic ritualist. What is vital to the modern ritualist is that a true appreciation as to the inner and historical lineages of the forces, ideas and rituals he or she is working with is important to his or her work.

Aside from the aspect of it being novel and interesting, the fact that there is very little “new under the sun” means that he or she is (whether he or she realizes it) working with concepts, ideas and practices that reach back into the dawn of human consciousness. In the face of comparative ritualism, the concept of “traditions” or “direct lineages,” while still having power and validity, pale in comparison to the literally infinite store of deeply identical ritual tradition and practice as it has evolved in all places throughout time.It is strongly suggested that a course of actual ritual practice, creation and development be combined with a wide ranging absorption of religious, anthropological, biological, mythological and historical data from any and all cultures that seem to “call” to one. Since we all share common genetic material and possibly a “group mind,” ideas of which cultural myths and practices are “correct” are becoming less and less significant. A look at the “world music” scene gives us vision of eclectic ritualism as it should be viewed today.

Much as electric guitar, African talking drums, Japanese shakahatchi flutes, Greek mandolins, and so on are being combined, so too can ritual aspects be blended. Jazz, Rock, Soul, Juju, Pop and Latin styles of music all seem to be exclusive and disparaging forms; each is a unique and intense expression of a particular culture. Yet in the last few years we have seen adventuresome artists and other musical “ritualists” combine and mate these various musics into new and vital forms of expression.Let this interesting and unique pattern of musical progress be a model for the emergence of a new and more progressive form of Eclectic Ritualism, a movement that has existed for some time but in a fragmented and almost unconscious manner.Most ritualists today who fall outside or on the fringe of organized religions or cults are indeed eclectic ritualists. Yet the overall phenomena, what it signifies, how it seems to be evolving (generally, always generally! Everyone’s way is different and unique) has not before been examined. Now that we have seen how rituals, myths and methods of reaching the divine around the world seem to follow similar patterns and conform to certain general beliefs, let’s examine the practical application of these disassociated ideas and techniques for the practicing eclectic ritualism today!

How would be the perfect world in the AION’s reality and how would you represent it into a world, picture, and number from your creative perspective?Following are 2 pages from the TAO TE CHING that I think also summarize a perfect reality for me….though, of course, words are useless…Before the universe was born there was something in the chaos of the heavens. It stands alone and empty, solitary and unchanging. It is ever present and secure. It may be regarded as the Mother of the universe. Because I do not know its name, I call it the Tao. If forced to give it a name, I would call it ‘Great’. Because it is Great means it is everywhere. Being everywhere means it is eternal. Being eternal means everything returns to it. Tao is great. Heaven is great. Earth is great. Humanity is great. Within the universe, these are the four great things. Humanity follows the earth. Earth follows Heaven. Heaven follows the Tao. The Tao follows only itself.

Do you want to rule the world and control it? I don’t think it can ever be done. The world is sacred vessel and it can not be controlled. You will only it make it worse if you try. It may slip through your fingers and disappear. Some are meant to lead, and others are meant to follow; some must always strain, and others have an easy time; some are naturally big and strong, and others will always be small; Some will be protected and nurtured, and others will meet with destruction. The Master accepts things as they are, and out of compassion avoids extravagance, excess and the extremes. A high pleasure to have this long interesting conversation with you AION…”there is nothing but all” keep on dancing with PAN!!!!

IO Kaos!! IO PAN Indeed-



Anyway, Joy & Play to you & yours!