viernes, 3 de octubre de 2008


By Louis Martinie


The ancestors are those who have come before and now stand at ones back. It is their combined weight that fills and informs the sorcerers' words in their becoming. The ancestors may include many or few, their number or numberlessness is a choice of the individual practitioner They contain within themselves all that has combined to make us what we are. It is as if they stand holding hands in an unbroken line that reaches back before the creation of this world. The rites allow us to consciously take our place in this great line. To speak the name of all of ones ancestors is to speak ones own name in its most pregnant fullness.

The following is a description of a rite I perform in the morning upon rising. Altar - The altar faces North and through it flows the combined wills of all those dead who have gone before. On the altar are objects that carry the touch of physical esthetic and spiritual ancestors. A large figure stands upon the altar. It is infused with the virtue of the obsession that brought me into incarnation. Food/Drink - There is a cup upon the altar containing sweet and bitter waters. Sugar A used to create the sweet inland water and salt is added to form the bitter sea water. The contents of the cup are replenished as needed. Each time more liquid is added to the cup, a plate of food is prepared and set upon the altar. It may be important to note that when human ancestors feed, they do not leave mold upon the food. The growth of mold points to pre-human appetites. Rite - Enter the temple and stand before the altar. Both hands form the gesture of the Marassa (twins) as separate. This is done by bending down the three mid-fingers and separating the thumb and small finger as far as possible. The Marassa stand apart.

While in this gesture, create the self as separate from all about it. Next, join the small finger and the thumb. Spread the three mid-fingers in the form of a triangle. The joining of the thumb and the small finger is the union of the Marassa. The three mid fingers form the Cower created by this union. The configuration illustrates the formula 1 + 1 = 3. In this equation, the plus sign is seen as the third element. That which unites the twins forms three. Dip the joined small and mid fingers into the waters. Hold both hands up while creating a current and sending it back in time through the link of the ancestors. One hand sends current back through the fathers side and the other hand sends current back through the mothers side. Repeat the names and image all the ancestors that are remembered. Send the current back past conscious memory.

At some moment in its travels, the current will seem to weaken. Call the current back upon yourself the instant before it begins to weaken. This becomes quite easy with practice. When the current strikes, eat the names of all remembered and forgotten ancestors. Touch the forehead with the joined fingers of both hands. Depart from the temple.


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