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AEOGA (article)


AEOGA one of the other musical Project of Anti Ittna, based in Northern Finland, which began in 2004 as a way to exaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and to receive, realize and to create material based on both primal and absent vision.To walk AEOGA's path, it's to float in an immerse cosmic sea bathed in shadow figures and black holes devouring themselves all the time…

“Coav” was unleashed in July 2004,stimulating,penetrating,fractal explorations of dark trance-inducing drones focusing into ritualistic-tribal ambient with predomiant emphasis on dissonant abstractions and incredible work of subliminal chants, spoken passages floating behinds dense atmospheres created through 8 chapters developed here in “Coav”. Thin bell sounds and percussive elements marching together at moments arriving to a maximum level of reality in which AEOGA's is as a key to enter undefined magickal space where each enigmatic explorations of man converges. In our opinion Anti Ittna,is one of the best exponents of ritualistic art expressed through sounds, visuals and magickal atavisms. Cover shows us an automatic drawing shape similar to the work of British magician and artist Austin Osman Spare, an abstract reality revealed through “Coav”. And Cd comes in a 3 panel matte paper sleeve placed between two matte black squares. There is a small piece of knotted rope stapled to the front square, which rest in a diagonal side, suits in the larger backing piece. Limited to just 1.000 copies. There is a world that reveals itself slowly behinds 8 chapters through these explorations and is where the strength, essence of Coav is.

“Zenith Beyond The Helix Locus” was evoked in Oct 2005 presents a somber collection of 15 desolated movements, exploring ancient cosmic dimensions and blacken atmospheres of cold-blood red emotion, with enigmatic ritualistic enviroments; tonal soundscapes open doorways to a lull of trance inducing instrumentation. To experience this surreal dimension of AEOGA is to explore minimalistic ambience and evocative instrumentations centered in complex and dynamic atmospheres.The whole compositions are dense ethereal and somber with orational invocations which emerges suddenly provoking a state of gnosis, due the in deep unlimited sonic mantras, developed by AEOGA.this album is brilliant, perfect in the sense of vacuity and penetration we experience when working with such musical expressionism, altered forms of consciousness evoked beyond the Red Zenith Votex, purple seas weaving are the realities we perceive when hearing and visualizing AEOGA. More than just music AEOGA is a perfect mutation of self-illumination through dissolution.

http:// www.helixes.org/aeoga

Follow the all-encompassing coprophagik cycle...To create - To destroy - To work beyond Paradigms.

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