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FR. AION (Interview)

Mr. Sargent aka Fr. AION is actually one of the most interesting personalities inside the occult / magickal expressionism nowadays. He has written a lot of books, essays and is well known due his magickal works at HORUS / MAAT lodge. Painter, Poet, Writer, Magician, Deconstructionist…in a deep conversation we have months ago.

For me your strong relationship with Pan is a kind of spiritual marriage… so, how such union transformed D. Sargent in a magickal force known as AION?
That is one of the most insightful questions anyone has ever asked me. I was a Pagan in the 1970s, initiated into Wicca at 14 yrs old and really just always knew I was a feral critter, most at home in the woods- then I went camping alone in the mountains and BAM met Pan- I wrote a poem about that first encounter:PURPOSEFUL AIMLESSNESS to reverse unnatural ORDER of things to untangle the twisted knots of reversible inconsistents one must...Dance. illogically ssspin & sing Those songs never uttered never known ...irrational... evoke those presences never felt to see the unknowable realize the impossible to find that which you do not seek That which you’ve always had in your hands Love and merge with the fearful chaos of life....laughing And in such pursuits ever mark ye the print of the hoof…After that, at college, in a state of walking trance one day I ‘got’ my motto- All into One Into None- it seemed in a burst of insight to me to be the formula of all attainment of Gnosis- at least from my point of view. AIOIN- a few days later, I not being a Qabalist at that point, a Soror of our circle (in NYC- The Grove of the Star & Snake) informed me that my fixation” Pan” was 131 and so was AION... I realized that the second ‘into’- wasn’t really there in the formula- because once Unity (one) exists- it is NONE- Kether is Tao….something like that. It was only later I discovered that Aion was a god form- another long conversation.Back to Pan, yes, spiritual, sexual, mental, emotional, energetic- the Loa Pan possessed me in a sense, But it wasn’t until years later that the Godforem tapped me- slapped me actually- and made me write the Book of Gate Over the period of a few years- The wild coast of WA state, the San Juan Islands (also will) and…New York City! Such a sense of humor.

Does…”all into one into none” a kind of dissolution of your being into yourself, a kind of creation & destruction of all your creative magickal will into a concrete force in universe?

Here is Nothing, it Plays- that is ALL”- Pan indeed. No matter what magickal paths and avenues I pursue, I always come back to Taoism & the Tao, The root of being is non being.

Is the mask of AION a kind of astral magickal form of psychic energy transformed into this physical plane?

Holy shit. I don’t know. What a questions!I guess so- it is just a mask for some energy- when I was living as a caretaker of a ski lodge in the high mountains (really) I had the vision of each being as a ‘donut’ of energy, up & out , like a magnet w/2 poles but- a hollow center- void filled Maybe I´m that.A big happy Tao-filled donut of orgone.

Do you think it’s important for you to respect nature to understand its powers and attributes and to use it as integral parts in our inner self?

More than anything. Nature is All- Pan is merely a lense of the Goddess- As the Tao the Ching says (not to beat this Taoist thing to death here) ‘How do I know all this is true? By observing Nature’We damage Gaia, we kill ourselves.

Talking about nature…people think paganism is to worship deities inside nature. From my perspective paganism in its powerful facet is to know, understand and to dominate with wisdom the cosmic laws which “inhabits” the earth. Your opinion?I`m in agreement EXCEPT the word/idea of Dominate- quite the opposite. The more one strives, the more harm one creates- to do without doing, a terribly hard thing to do in this world, is my goal- I love sailing- no one dominates in sailing. You steer, tack, come about, read the tides and currents, cut the sails and feel your way with the wind and weather. That is life when following your True Will- you are following your Orbit- nothing more. When sailing, the smaller the ripples and the wake, the faster and smoother you are going. Nature provides everything- we have but to shut up, peel away the layers of programming, REMEMBER what we always have known and honor all thingsontheearthasis alive. I once talked to an Uulchi Shaman (from Siberia) and she said that the primary feeling one should always have when being on the earth, with every footstep, is gratitude!THAT is paganism, being (pagani) ‘of the Earth!)

Man adapts its own reality through senses. Does a perfect way for man to understand his own reality is to learn not to see but observe?Neither, it is to KNOW: Thus Tantra, which means ‘to weave’, the core of true Magick was never lost in the Tantrik lineages as it was in the West due to the Xian plague- the core mysteries, the weaving of the senses, of the sexes of all energies- this is magickThis is the same as GNOSIS or Knowing the Western equivalent formula is that of the Sphinx: Know, Will, Dare and Be Silent…

And from such point (to observe) self-knowledge which patterns do you see in the actual society to be “optimistic” for a kind of magickal evolutive awakening?Evolution is a painful process, it means change, change is always hard because we become comfortable with our island-realities that float upon the chaos universe by saying ‘I am...’ or I have...’ we can exert some stability and perceived continuity in our lives, make some sort of order, the problem is that we then see all inescapable shifts, changes, losses as disasters and towers, pain that we seek to avoid….yet Nature and Evolution, either fortunately or unfortunately (depends on POV) done ‘care’ about the emotional security of individuals, there are larger patterns at work here….We are in general living longerWe have greater food suppliesMedical advances extend lifetimesInformation has exploded expidentially & pervasivelySomething is slouching towards the new Bethlehem to be born...Born...

In my opinion we are in a magickal current moving from death to rebirth and from rebirth to death (magically talking) constantly. In which way do you think it affects or help our magickal path to self-evolution?
LOL!All of those concepts are dust- matter is energy, energy is matter, one becomes the other- nothing is lost or found- only transformation. Or the echo of it exists…Even that is a silly pile of dust- I can’t believe I’m doing this- quoting myself….oy!In my Book of Pan it says:. No-thing has changed or ever was. All illusions change as rapidly as that-which projects-illusion changes. I am the Stage and incorporate all Pieces in the Game as well as the Player.. Each Seed has an essence which it must fulfill as it grows... a rock is there? Around. Lightening? A new shoot. Disease? A new branch. Until it too becomes that which will be a Seed again.. Nothing dies, the wit is to ask what is not always alive that says it better than I could.Or do you think nothing which is evolutive or involutive exists, when we break the limits of your own perceptions and illusory universe?No thing…….can/not……………..exist.By the fact universe is an illusion which emerges from nothingness. This illusion, Maya, Malkkuth is the object from magickal work at earth is one of the principal points in magickal with the purpose to complete the energy’s circuit necessary for change?Any map will do maps that have been used by generations build up both positive mana and momentum that can help you as well as ropes of dogma and belief that can limit or restrict you so, two aspects one action Each World Image is a Game board, a mandala, a TREE-“My hair, the trees of Eternity’“Live like a tree walking” – AOSI see the pattern in my hands outstretched- look at your palms- 10 fingers = 10 spheres- the Tree of Life is encoded in our physical being ….and matter and energy are the same, so…
Now, tell us more about your actual activities with the magickal community and your project “the book of pan”?
I am currently what could be called a ‘tantrick householder’, a wonderful title that Tantrick magick gives to those who choose a magickal path along with the mundane path of spouse, parent, worker etc- I honestly see the most magickal things in my life as my work (I’m an ESL Teacher Trainer) and my family- especially my teenage autistic kid.It is all magick- every day is some sort of initiation, In terms of what others might call magick….My art is #!- I’m a ceramic artist, I create ritual vessels- some I sell through a new age store, the large hand built pieces are being collected for a potential show as I slide into old age, I see myself as a magickal ceramic artist- I got a new throwing wheel for My 50th birthday and plan to create a studio at my home- I started with clay magick in 1974- got very serious (a number of shows) decided the life was too hard and slid into teaching ESL for 18 years- I now return…I am also an author- mostly ‘occult’ books and I see this as a crucial arena for expressing myself to a wider magickal community- my books are: BOOKS PUBLISHED:

Heal The Earth, an Environmental Textbook, Dawn Press, Japan 1991-

Global Ritualism, Myth and Magick around the World, Llewellyn Publishing 1994Web site:
The Magical Garden, (with Sophia), Andrews McMeel Publishing 2000
Your Guardian Angel & You, Redwheel/Weiser 2004 (out now)
Tokyo Today, City Life News (Tokyo), Pan Gaia Magazine (USA)Coming soon- published by Redwheel/Weiser: CLEAN SWEEP also titled, Banishing!
I am hoping to do, in the future, books on Tantrika, Ancestor shrines, Shin to and other topics- Is a looooong-term project I have to tackle- it is a whole system of Nameless Aeon magick centered on a transmission I received-The web site tells more.For the, record beginning in 1972 I have been initiated And involved with:- Pagan Way - CAW (church of all worlds)- Welsh Traditional Wicca (several covens)- CES (church of the eternal source)- The Grove of the Star & Snake (NYC)- The OTO (Kenneth Grant’s version- Iam an ex member- booted!!)- QBLH(I’m missing a few others…Oh, Cult of Isis, Cultus Euphoroa….etc)- Nath Tantrik Lineage (Gurudev Mahendranath- I was initiated as a tantrik in 1980)Tibetan Buddhism (Sakya initiations- Green Tara, 21 Tara)And, of course, the HML – Horus Maat lodge, which I helped, found in, I think 1979.All of this is fun and interesting and means very little most of the interaction I have with the wider occult community outside of my close family & friends, is through some elists and the HML. I manage the HML website (http// and also edit a much wider-audience web zine called SILVER STAR - http//

You traveled here to Peru, South America, which were the principal magickal transmutations performed in such sacred land? Any sacred plants consumed in your shamanic trips to meet god pan, heheh?

Sophia and I love to travel, we loved Peru but didn’t do any formal rituals with indigenous peoples- but we did do many impromptu rites earthing the Double Current at various amazing & glowing sites like Macchu Picchu.Some of the key symbols we encountered- the stepped Inca cross- resonated powerfully for us…they are now part of our inner reality.

Nowadays techno shamanism or technoanimism, seems as to observe cyberspace as the realm of mystical, magickal discovery and evolutive advance? Your point here?I think I said it all in my essay on cyber lodges:Http://

Does cyberspace & magickal space are purely manifested in imagination, built by your own thoughts & feelings?

Great question.Yes and no we connect with others in many ways and that connection- as abstract as it is in cyberspace, is as real as anything else and as a Taoist/Buddhist I truly think nothing Is real… I once did a radio show pushing a book (Global Ritualism) and on it a tech guy talked about cyberspace being the exoskeleton of a greater consciousness or being- a group mind of the human race (what some call N’Aton) this is the evolutionary hope I think. That being said, fantasy becomes reality sci fi ideas like cloning- total fantasy 20 years ago, have manifestedWhat is the relationship between cyberspace and the ‘akasha’ or magickal universe?This is the great work =- to discover Quantum physics, string theory, all point to us creating our own reality via perception if so, then cyberspace and its limitlessness opens up the possibilities of such manifestation to a galactic level!I think, in this vein, we can ‘find’ ‘explore’ and/or ‘create’ magickal realities in cyberspace. here is one example from my life- Starstone temple:Http://

Is one of the principal goals at maat magick the preparation to our meeting, knowledge, and understanding of our specie with no- human intelligences beyond any rational, irrational, logical, illogical platform?

I’m just not sure of that for myself, I know that is what Nema thinks.I guess so, since I think that we are going to end up doing that eventually anyway But- and here I do have some strong feelings, it has become trendy in the new occult movements to focus on interstellar ort alien beings, it seems to me to be a bit Xian (they will save us!) and there is a real possibility of mistaking the map for the territory here.Inner work is inner work- I have see Cthulhu, Lam and any number of other alien beings in dream, with some very wild and powerful results (the Lam dream coincided with my bathroom mirror being inexplicably flung across the room & smashed by noone…) but, what are we talking about here? It is inner individual spiritual work- the ‘source’ of such alien touches are inner if they are ‘real’ is unimportant.Nema and I have chatted about this, she has written and often said that humanity has to get its own house in order, I think she told me once that alien intelligences had ‘quarentined’ earth until we evolved properly. So, the key is this: we have to DO IT OURSELVES, all the alien stuff wont help if we poison/nuke the planet, we have to evolve and awaken as a species- no external force can help us in this great work, like a bird emerging from a shell…

Incubating the Maatian factor in our consciousness are we entering in an inner magickal world balanced by synthesis and reintegration of our own senses?Ha! That is completely up to you!If you mean as a species, well, it seems to me that as the force and fire of Horus electrocutes the planet, the instant-karma of Maat is right behind it. a good example is Al Gore and his movie about global warming, and suddenly storms! Snow! Wake up call!As a whole, our senses are being torn a bit away from the mass-drugged-TV-stupor & sleepwalking nightmare of (what AOS called so perfectly) THE HELL OF THE NORMAL.

When developing a ritual we must be open to influx of “internal” & “external” intense, intuitive translational and ecstatic state of self perfection and realization of reality in its fundamental and ultimate aspects? About this very thing:Here is a long snip from my book GLOBAL RITUALISMChapter 12 review As we blithely swing through the myths, religions, cultures and rituals of the world, it should be obvious that we are only catching select glimpses of a number of massive subjects, like views from a train window as it rushes through numerous countries and odd landscapes. Yet just as days of these glimpses can bestow a sense or feeling about a foreign country, so too (it is hoped) will this overview generate some interesting ideas and conclusions concerning ritual activity. This study of comparative religions and mythologies, through the lense of rituals and ritual patterns, leaves us with a few basic conclusions that neither call for belief nor encourage disbelief;

1. All cultures in every part of the world seems to evolve myths and beliefs in similar ways if left to organically evolve.

2. Philosophical religions such as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity sprung from (usually in reaction to) one of these “organic” natural myth/belief systems and proceeded to impose their teachings in an overt and “non-organic” manner.

3. The natural myths/beliefs/rituals of pre-philosophical religious systems never truly disappear, they simply reemerge in whatever system is imposed. Thus the Goddess became the Virgin Mary, the Black Virgin of Guadalupe, the “sister” of Mohammed, the “mother” of Buddha and so forth. Again, without attaching any positive or negative qualities, let’s look just at ritual making activity and come to some general conclusions:

1. Human beings, no matter where they live on the planet, are ritual-making creatures.

2. There are two main goals of all ritual activity and these two goals are often inextricably entwined; to insure prosperity and to access the divine or spiritual.

3. Virtually all of the more complex rituals in the world generally follow the set pattern or “ritual blueprint” outlined in this book, to wit; Establishing Intent Banishing Creating the Sacred Space Centering the Space Invocation/Evocation: Magick Offerings & Sacrifices Concluding “Postmortem” & Results

4. Though myths, myth systems, rituals, concepts of divinity and ideas about the “spirit world” are widely different around the world, most of these differences are essentially superficial. The points of similarity are remarkable and in this light certain generalizations can be made about all ritual-making cultures.

A. The divine is accessible through a world (or dimension or state of mind) that is different from the usual one.

B. Certain individuals, either through natural gift, heredity, divine grace, hard work or ordination may act as channels to/through this “other” dimension/world etc. or thus have access to the divine.

C. The divine manifests in many forms and with many different “personalities.” Even the most monotheistic cults agree to this in some sense.

D. Though the divine is manifest in numerous powers, gods, forms, aspects, spirits, energies and so forth, most ritualists accept that these many are indeed One (even if this One is actually None). Even the most extreme polytheistic cults agree to this in some sense.

E. The forces, powers and physical manifestations of Nature (especially the human body) were the first energies to be seen and ritually dealt with and are indeed the root of all religious/myth systems of the world, whether they are now acknowledged as being so or not.

The term “archetype” has been use rather liberally in this text to indicate one of many powers, patterns, forms or energies that are apparent and manifest in virtually every culture and that seem to be deeply rooted within the Group Unconscious mind. Most of these archetypes have historically been so identified with natural forces or powers that they are seen as virtually identical, though variations, shifts and differences are common. These universal archetypes emerge in cultures in the form of gods, spirits, kami, kachina and any number of other labels for “immensely powerful supernatural being.” Such personified natural powers as the Earth Mother/Father, the Sky Father/Mother and the Sun God/Goddess are all examples of trans-cultural archetypes.One thing that seems to be a universal constant is simply the existence of this archetypal complex, this system of humans interacting with their creative intelligence, the various layers of their unconscious mind and the world (physical and spiritual) around them in search of the divine or magickal.

Ritual, in a sense, is humanity’s method of attempting to find or create meaning and order in the universe.There are two anthropological schools of thought as to why myths, ritual patterns and what has been referred to as archetypes are so similar around the world, it is simply not important to this treatise as to which is correct, but The first school of thought points to dissemination. In other words, these traditions, ideas and archetypes were formulated somewhere (one could guess Africa, along with the origin of the species) and then were spread by intercultural contact throughout the world.

The second school of thought insists upon “parallel evolution.” The idea is that all people around the world have within them these same archetypes because they share a “group unconscious” or “genetic mind” from whence these patterns and powers emerge into the myths and cultures of different lands, in (of course) slightly different ways. In either case, the conclusions concerning the similarity of myths, rituals and deities still stand and, for all practical purposes, the reason why this is so may matter little to the practicing eclectic ritualist. What is vital to the modern ritualist is that a true appreciation as to the inner and historical lineages of the forces, ideas and rituals he or she is working with is important to his or her work.

Aside from the aspect of it being novel and interesting, the fact that there is very little “new under the sun” means that he or she is (whether he or she realizes it) working with concepts, ideas and practices that reach back into the dawn of human consciousness. In the face of comparative ritualism, the concept of “traditions” or “direct lineages,” while still having power and validity, pale in comparison to the literally infinite store of deeply identical ritual tradition and practice as it has evolved in all places throughout time.It is strongly suggested that a course of actual ritual practice, creation and development be combined with a wide ranging absorption of religious, anthropological, biological, mythological and historical data from any and all cultures that seem to “call” to one. Since we all share common genetic material and possibly a “group mind,” ideas of which cultural myths and practices are “correct” are becoming less and less significant. A look at the “world music” scene gives us vision of eclectic ritualism as it should be viewed today.

Much as electric guitar, African talking drums, Japanese shakahatchi flutes, Greek mandolins, and so on are being combined, so too can ritual aspects be blended. Jazz, Rock, Soul, Juju, Pop and Latin styles of music all seem to be exclusive and disparaging forms; each is a unique and intense expression of a particular culture. Yet in the last few years we have seen adventuresome artists and other musical “ritualists” combine and mate these various musics into new and vital forms of expression.Let this interesting and unique pattern of musical progress be a model for the emergence of a new and more progressive form of Eclectic Ritualism, a movement that has existed for some time but in a fragmented and almost unconscious manner.Most ritualists today who fall outside or on the fringe of organized religions or cults are indeed eclectic ritualists. Yet the overall phenomena, what it signifies, how it seems to be evolving (generally, always generally! Everyone’s way is different and unique) has not before been examined. Now that we have seen how rituals, myths and methods of reaching the divine around the world seem to follow similar patterns and conform to certain general beliefs, let’s examine the practical application of these disassociated ideas and techniques for the practicing eclectic ritualism today!

How would be the perfect world in the AION’s reality and how would you represent it into a world, picture, and number from your creative perspective?Following are 2 pages from the TAO TE CHING that I think also summarize a perfect reality for me….though, of course, words are useless…Before the universe was born there was something in the chaos of the heavens. It stands alone and empty, solitary and unchanging. It is ever present and secure. It may be regarded as the Mother of the universe. Because I do not know its name, I call it the Tao. If forced to give it a name, I would call it ‘Great’. Because it is Great means it is everywhere. Being everywhere means it is eternal. Being eternal means everything returns to it. Tao is great. Heaven is great. Earth is great. Humanity is great. Within the universe, these are the four great things. Humanity follows the earth. Earth follows Heaven. Heaven follows the Tao. The Tao follows only itself.

Do you want to rule the world and control it? I don’t think it can ever be done. The world is sacred vessel and it can not be controlled. You will only it make it worse if you try. It may slip through your fingers and disappear. Some are meant to lead, and others are meant to follow; some must always strain, and others have an easy time; some are naturally big and strong, and others will always be small; Some will be protected and nurtured, and others will meet with destruction. The Master accepts things as they are, and out of compassion avoids extravagance, excess and the extremes. A high pleasure to have this long interesting conversation with you AION…”there is nothing but all” keep on dancing with PAN!!!!

IO Kaos!! IO PAN Indeed-



Anyway, Joy & Play to you & yours!

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