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Theory: The sleep/waking boundary is arbitrary, mutable, and reversible. Its permeability is determined by the development of functions here referred to as "bridges." The bridge from waking to sleep (i.e. access of sleep contents while awake) is dream recall. The bridge from sleep to waking is lucid dreaming. Thus:
/----> lucidity ---->SLEEP WAKING<---- recall <----/
Under usual conditions (including intensive social reinforcement), the waking reality is actual, relative to the dream which is virtual. These valuations too are mutable. Practice: Ideally, the practitioner is physically safe, but in a spiritually and intellectually unsatisfying situation. It is advisable to undertake this practice only in good health. Unusually rapid "progress" may be made during illness, but what dangers there are in this rite are greatly magnified. Likewise, psychoactive drugs are neither required nor recommended during this rite. Stimulants must be avoided. Practice requires a period of one month. The entire rite is performed indoors. Activity must be restricted to no more than four rooms. (Actually, a studio apartment is ideal.) Note that this requires stocks of preserved foods and nutritional supplements, or a provisioning assistant. N.B. It is wise to have this latter in any case, in order to anticipate and deflect outside interference with the rite. The sigil of Qulielfi (viz. Liber CCXXXI) should be embroidered onto the pillow used for sleep or painted on the ceiling over the bed. The rite is performed by sleeping. Extend the period of sleep a half hour every day until sleep takes up at least 18 hours out of every 24. If temporary insomnia occurs at any point, remain in bed and daydream or use "Qulielfi" as a mantra. "Typical" Scenario: 1st week: Fine-tune dreaming reality by adept use of bridges. At the end of this week--as sleep approaches 12 hours per day--"prophetic" dreams begin. Elements from dreams will recur in waking in the same way that waking elements ordinarily recur in dreams. 2nd week: Dream reality begins to cohere. Do not continue the rite past the second week if the dream reality is threatening at the end of this period. 3rd week: "Waking" reality begins to dissolve. Do not continue the rite past the third week if bridges are not well-established (unless it is your Will to thoroughly abandon the waking reality with little chance of reconnecting to it). 4th week: Waking reality now subsidiary to discrete, materialized dream reality. Notes:Depending on the strength of the bridges and the depth of the stage that is indicated above as the "4th week," the return may be to a different (by varying degrees) waking world than the original one. With strong bridges it should be possible to maintain the original waking world through a series of rites (as many as six or more in one year--though creative use of time dilation could improve this immeasurably) which establish widely differing dream worlds, creating a radial reality structure with the waking world at its hub. Rather than returning to a "normal" schedule at the end of the rite, it is possible to go to one of 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day and thus work the limen between the two worlds to thaumaturgical effect in either.

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