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HGA/SHADOW and DAATH (Article)

HGA/SHADOW AND DAATH ( Fusion not Confusion )
By Azotep

All in One, One in All, or Double or Nothing? A means to an ends or a end to a means? The Devil wears mirror shades. Look into its eyes see a reflection of yourself, but read between the lines....I've got this thing going on 24/7 when I look at something I close my eyes and I see a Negative of it. If somethings spinning one way, I close eyes and its spinning the other way. I see the Abyss like a fractal mirror. Each reflection a slightly different variable. Such iz the Nature of (in)Evolution. "Life sucks order from the Sea of disorder".
Some say Daath is not The Abyss, do the clothes make a man? It's the shadow or empty side of Tipereth (the black sun). The Abyss- well, it's the Void of eastern mysticism. It's that which pre-existed the Big Bang. THATness.Some people think that death is related to the ego-less state of being is a mystery to me since the egoless state is simply a state of detachment. Look into the Abyss. What do you see? It's a mirror. No big deal for some. Death for others. Picture a beautifully colorful sunrise or sunset - therein is the Abyss -what came out of it. Flowers bloom. Some people walk through life and never once realize the beauty around them. Be where you are.Become. NOW.

Affirmation:Here I am. I am I not Eye the Outer Child. I have Nothing to say, but I'll say it anyway..."Maddens is a state of mind so is death-Like death madness is ever becoming, ever- changing, elusive ecstatic..."~Wisdom of S'LBA.
A few winters ago I was contemplating about Daath/Abyss. I was thinking about my self initiation when I was 15.When I gave myself my first tattoo on my left arm, the word DEATH....and then my whole state of mind/life changed....At that moment I'm walking along I look down and there's a copy of the NECRNOMICON siting on a bench. Immediately I am struck by this. I put it in my pocket...
Some say Confusion is the effect of the Abyss, I say Fusion not confusion. Knowledge is nothing but an illusion if we confuse the map with territory. The great path which we must cross. For those who search to tranzcend, must dissolve the Ego and be silent. The abyss is the most critical way to spiritual path, coz in this way are disguising diverse conscious and unconscious forms through apparent realities or aspect of individual..s will which tends to turns aside us from the search we have started. Some people spend their whole life being torn into pieces by not excepting the irrational elements of their nature and an initiated must know very well the roots of his nature as so,I think that any initiative process of any magical system has a point of culmination, I think this process must be complemented and continued in other existential planes or cosmic sphere which surpass any rational critic; The voices of reason through reality in confrontation with the mental visions that confront us. We/I many years ago Danced around moments of time to create Multidimensional images of what we thought to be our "true will"& is through this (con)fusion/FUSION which are invoked unconscious Qilithic forms az an extends-ion of our psychic energy and our initiation process continues by merging with the "other". These Qilithic forms in Daath are known as Choronzon/Nyarlathotep.

The principal word to describe this initiation is DAATH and this only will come when the supreme wimsical will of Chaos gives us it..s consent to act accord with it.Through Death(not physical). We rebirth having as result the awaken in sub-conscious of a powerful and unified force called "Universal mind". Mind that controls all lauguage, bodys, souls changes from moment to moment and our only possibility to attain any kind of true continuity. "One thing leading to the next" is to do huge and interrupted efforts of collective will with-out uniformity. In this process of self initiation there are moments of trifling frustration, Fear, conflicts and boredom which are the reflections to be caught in an external world and as much we..re caught in the external universe. The more forsaken we feel as much inside ourselves as we descend. The feeling of security is lost, and when such security is attained you will experience the experience of liberty and Chaos. There may be no purpose but we must create purpose for ourselves in the path of life and so attaining the total knowledge of our nature and to awake the powers of Chaos which are in ourselves through the true will, coz the free acts of will determines the definitive equilibrium anyway. So, we must fight like brave warriors of Cthulhu to cross ourselves, our own abyss of knowledge to explore inside ourselves to transcend the whole spiritual paths which are hidden in the unconscious veils...Turn inside out...YOU'LL NEVER FIND YOURSELF WHEN YOUR TRAPPED WITHIN YOUR SELF.
Though the oceans of Daath...See the sunlight shining on the waves?


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