sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008



A simple formula of trance used for divination...One night I was very sick (fever)by the fact I don’t like to take chemical medicines, I just think to let the fever flows. When the hours were passing I got 30 fever degree and came to my mind the idea of using such state as a method of trance to establish connections within saturnian guardians and cells from my HGA asprocess of information relating to some questions which will determinate important aspects in my life . so, I was very sick coz fever puts me in so "catatonic" I must say. I burnt astral incenseof Saturn which is the planet who ruled my zodiacal sign Aquarius. Is known in the phallic religions, the sun is the creative representation of god in macrocosm, the universe and the phallus the representation of microcosms which is men.so,in way to expand my creative force to gain more energy to work in astral I began a seriesof masturbations via anus and phallus so reaching more influx of both energies (fever-the gate) and (the orgasm-the vehicle).After orgasm I just entered in depth trance, because I wasn’t notsleep nor awake, just in a strange state of limbonic state in which by intuition start to formulate 3 questions slowly spoken just like a kind of mantra. so by experience it worked perfectly when weekslater I got 2 results of such formulated questions which I got through twisted visions in a form of arquetipes which I draw and written about in my record for my later studies. The transmissions came from a strange way difficult to explain coz is pure sensorial emanations.

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