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Claudio Carvalho is a Brazilian artist and hermetist for many years. Into art he has been working with strange models from my unconsciouness,inspired by the works of Austin Osman Spare,and other magickal artists. he assumes for himself as focus to manifest determined forces from unseen to visible. As to Tarot, he is dedicated to Tarotic Science from early 80 years, however, his searching is directed to the Crowley & Harris Tarot since 1985, period of which he discovered it for his life. so here is the answers to some questions from this dedicated South American magickian and artist give to us.

Since your childhood transdimensional alien energies, were expressed through oniric realms, right! In which way such contacts awaken in yourself a kind of magickal, artistical transformation, which is latent in each one of your drawings?
I started drawing very young yet. My designs were based on the pre-history specimens that had been extinct millions of years ago. These were some reptiles, amphibians and insects. For me this has indicated a strong connection with a subtle Current too old, the symptoms were clear.
From my pre-adolescence new lines were taking shape, several portraits that emerges of some aliens source that arose spontaneously in my imagination, however, the atmosphere and excitement were totally real, because I led to a kind of mental introversion very strong. I did dream also with very remote places localized here on Earth and other planes out there, whose geography was very strange, as was young I did not know and had no clue of what were all those places. But I did receive some confirmations many years later.
In short, there was a spontaneous development into me, but I had no understanding necessary to interpret it and each day had been expressing more and more.

Or do you think your studies and learnings in the fields of magick, occultism, art, and symbology were important points for a perfect complement with your artistical, visionary attributes as artist?
It was inevitable; I have always been avid for knowledge. Of course, it helped. I think it was a consequence to that I could improve the drawings that I make today.

Is known automatic drawing is a method used by you Claudio. so, explain us a few about such technique and how does it comes to your consciousness lines, traces to create a determinate drawing. And when do you think you have finished such artistical expressionism?
The automatism according to some, it explores the exact moment when the Ego is not in the "command". In this hour I am really with my attention fully aligned to my inspiration when there is no interference mental, it is like a flow of the here and now. When you finish the design, it seems that you did it in fraction of seconds and did not take any time in achieving it. It is very difficult to put that into words. In the end, it is as I said above, the time-space back to the "reality" of the Ego, usually typified for the conscience awakens or so-called vigil.

You are married with Lilia Palmeira right! Due the perfect complement through both of you. In the magickal, artistical expressionism. Could we say she is the “black eagle”(as Mr Spare express) a materialization from a sub-conscious deep desire of Claudio from many years ago?
This is a good question. And the answer is yes and no. She is my muse, shakti, suvasini, Black Eagle, companion, as you like. But there is another perspective about that, so that I don’t prefer going into details, sorry.

Due, you works with the techniques of atavism resurgence…how has been to understand, to compenetrate yourself with such primal sub-conscious energies? And what about to work with qliphotic energies?
It works like an intense and deep immersion into his Self. The understanding and the keys come with the necessary daily experience with these energies.
The qliphotics energy under my point of view is completely different from the vision of Aleister Crowley and others still see in this way.
I regard this type of alien energy, i.e. Your Unconscious, where you usually make incessant Congress, or interact closely with these forces for self. There are two pillars within man, two Polarities that form a chain of reactions that are commonly unwanted states in humans, which leads to a large seesaw as it goes and comes in the game of life. These reactions or links are in devastating all the time, and there are several adjectives for them, such as compulsion, insecurity, hatred, sadness and so on. But these Primordial Polarities need to be neutralized, and thus integrate the man to his Self.

This is one of the forms and operations with the qliphoth.
Kenneth Grant speaks of Babalon as archetype of qliphoth or the Outer Forces and there is another key to the value of a shakti prepared and carved for this "task".
Black Eagle as previous example opens doors while the qliphoth are vehicles that lead us to the self. So there was some "movement", purposeful of course, to conceal the real function of qliphoth, otherwise what would be the Tunnels of Seth, the Formula 231 applied to them that not even Crowley succeeded to understand. Applying the Arithmology on this we can see an interesting mathematic as 2 = Cooperation, 3 = Expansion and 1 = Activation. These three combinations only arise if you can access the qliphoth accurately.

Which doors were open to your psychic world, to work with such energies? And in which way do you think the influence of A.O.Spare and the Zos Kia Kultus helped you to your personal, artistical development?
As I said earlier, from the moment that I do neutralize my Inner Polarities. I am sure that I am still in that process.
Ok, now, we’re on the other point. Every impulse or irradiation is what expresses a genuine Current, has a kind of gravitation, this attracts those who are prepared or have innate ability to this energy, so he receives the emanations of the Core of Current. Obviously, you also receive some of those who are also linked to the Core of Current. It’s a form of “alien nutrition” because it transcends the terrestrial conscience. It has been helping and continues to help me and others who are connected in some way through the inner planes.

Is known you are working together Lila Palmeira in a project called THE SOCIEDADE, could you reveal us more about such project? And where from comes to your mind the idea of such development?
The SL is an outer gateway from something very internalized. I would like to put this clear that it is not an Organization that accepts people or have some kind of status.
The SL works as organizer of holistic events as the word suggests, it contains several strands into its work, such as energetic therapy, tarot, occultism, witchcraft, art and so on. No matter what about the line addressed since there is no serious basis and work. We are not bound by close ties to any physical established Order. Its development is becoming a serious and responsible vehicle of knowledge to those interested.

Is there any connection between the sociedade lamatronika and the LAM entity, represented through the current 93 and the works of Aleister Crowley?
Yes. The SL is an engineering of LAM. This Gateway as any other genuine Current is developing continuously, ad æternum, thus LAM has been developing since the Crowley times, and before him has been turning and after we continue this process always on, to go.

Does your principal point through your graphic symbology (drawings) is to represents a definite language designed to facilitate your communication with your own subliminal-psychic world?
Surely. Any genuine artist, not just designer or painter, but also playwrights, sculptors, writers, dancers, poets and even those who work into scientific fields, when one does something for love and total dedication, everyone within his/her specialty, with his/her own language and consequently using a formula combined with the subtle language, certainly he/she will be guided to the object beloved.
In terms very technical, I have a vehicle that can be called AL'AN that can be guided to the manifestation through "Plastos Atmosféricos", as they are conduits of energy they bring and take power from invisible to the visible and vice versa.
Any artist brings something not only to manifestation, he also leads, and this is a typical formula for Reversal of Senses that Kenneth Grant presents in his books.

you told me about the inspirational source of the current 93,thoth cards…so, in your opinion in which way do you think such influences marks you to improve your way of living through your own magickal reality?
The Tarot as a whole, but especially the Tarot of Thoth serves as a model or graphic to my path. I can say that there is a closest symbiosis between me and Tarot. I thought one thing that you said before very interesting.
The 93 current is fully connected and vice versa (remember about what I spoken before as to invisible and visible) with the Thoth Cards. I’ll indicate one point which is usually the resulted of much discussion around it. The Thoth Cards NEVER was an accurate creation of Crowley; he was only a vehicle as could have been anyone that was capable for this task. I say the same thing about the Book of the Law, Aiwass never was the Holy Guardian of Crowley, and he understood about that into his last eight years of life.
If there was no a innate skill of Crowley, about the BE of him, the best of all scarlet women of him, Lady Frieda Harris, I do think that the new
Tarotic formatting never would manifest at that period, perhaps years later, because nobody is irreplaceable referring to tasks. If a person does not correct, they put other one into the place. The Brethrens has means to do so. Many authors before Crowley, and even then as Idries Shah Zayed said that the Tarot needed to be reviewed. And so it was done. I believe that the next 1000 years at least, there will be no need to re-structure the Tarot. This is one of the things that I will put in my future book on the Tarot of Thoth. Maybe this is my reality magic.

And from your own perspective, which is “reality” for you? Perhaps, reality is just an illusion, and it depends exclusively on personal emanations through this existential plane?
The reality is your own universe, or your consciousness. Inevitably that your reality will interact with other universes those are similar so that they are connected by a subtle network as an arachnidan network. Now, there is another reality that is far beyond the division, but only being there to know it (differently to understanding it). In my case I only know that, I still no understanding what is there beyond. Perhaps all this is an Illusion indeed. It can be red the god Shiva?

Then, could we say all limits & limitations are illusions, because reality is changing constantly, is transforming all the time? So, reality as a matter of energy & conception?
Something likes this. But all this Kerval, will penetrate into the field of intellect and the words. What I can say about that we need to understanding, not just to know.

You were talking about a direct communication between the visible & invisible which you called “Fantastic Atmospheric Tangential” so, is this kind of neither-neither? Appoint where converges fantastic, atmospheric, tangential creating a concrete artistical force?
Yes. I explore my universe from this way. In reference to the convergence I can synthesize it as follows:
Fantastic – What only has existence into the imagination; existing into the imagination. Atmospheric - The air and the environment; the sky. Gases surrounding the Earth, i.e. Oxygen & Azote = Nitrogen.
Tangential – Related to tangent - Line or other surface area that comes at one point.
Fantastic Atmosphere Tangent reflects a subjective communication, though direct, between the visible and invisible, through which named as atmospheric plastos, which is manifested into æsthesis perceived or impress with into awake consciousness by the fantastic or somehow the personal imaginary from the artist. These impressions are integrated in this way as spirits in the frame paper, reificating images and opening new doors towards Quintessential Source (Azote of Wises).
The objective Form appears with Its Real Essence without losing the subtle perspectives from the Non-form. Thus, the lines and traces of my art can express a "purely aesthetic tangential" that interpenetrate dimensions merging two kind of universes, the manifested and imanifested.

Reveal us a few about your upcoming projects and your last artistical expressions?
Learning and advancing. We have been planning to expose our artwork into some galleries, perhaps in 2009 if there is no time for that at this moment, because we have much work to complete in 2008.
We are working in order to bring serious experts, scholars and so on from the other Countries giving a good chance for the Brazilian public can interact with an excellent source of knowledge, besides the Brazilian public is avid for knowledge and also very curious. Brazil is an excellent source of natural wealth’s, especially in the field spiritual, but there is a huge gap in the holistic scene. Maybe by our culture, so corrupted at the time of the military dictatorship in the 60 and 70 years and even geographical distance from Europe, where is the vanguard of this knowledge.

We also change something at least in this area; there are many suspicious eyes coming out there, because of a mediocre handful that caused this here in Brazil. There is unfortunately a "hidden" rancid which comes from Marcelo Motta and does continue through his followers that fouled the Brazilian image in this scene for over forty years. Now we have to clean it, and the results appear little by little, because the SL is becoming a Brazilian reference for other countries.

So, thanx a lot for your time Claudio…I just hope to meet you beyond the stars…your final words here please?
Well, I hope that new hidden talent in the scene may arise, always mirroring caressingly into their Selves. Take a life simple, labour & pleasure are combined very well. There is time for everything into the life. Balance the four plans, material, mental, emotional and spiritual. If one of these is wrong, nothing other states have been worked out well, one hour the “inner house” falls.
Thanks Kerval for this opportunity and that his work can always move on. Ok, go ahead.

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