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"The Ain Soph was a first filling All and then made an absolute concentraion into itself whitch produded the Abyss, Deep or Space, the Aveer Quadom or Primitive Air, the Azoth; but this is not considered in the Qabbalah as a perfect void or vacum, a perfectly empty Space, but is thought of as the Waters or Crystaline Chaotic Sea, in which was a certain degree of Light inferior to that by which all the created (world and hierarchies) were made" -Secret Teachings of the Ages~Isaac Myer
AZ=Alpha/Omega. Or Z=Zain the Sword (the intellect,Gemini) Z the buzz ov insects and electricity. AZA=beginning-end-beginning conceived az the same(The Quantum realm/Hologram), the Increase of Aetheric/Morphic fields, AZA is also the mother of all demons.
AZAG (summerian) means enchanter, magician.In arabic; Izzu Tuhuti, means Power of Thoth.
AZOTH=Essence, Spirit ov the Philosophers stone, that which can tranzform lead into Gold, Quick Silver, the Mercurial flame, the Astral light (Akashic Records) , 4 dimension, 5th element. Azoth has been equated with Nitrous Oxide (Laughting gas) and a Chaotic neutral force the that conducts attraction and repulsion in Electromagnetism. The Midevil Alchemist Paracelsus named his Sword "AZOTH" and was said to have kept the "Red Azoth" with spirit ov it in a Crystal ball on hilt ov it that assumed the form of a"small Demon Bird". He was known to sleep with this Sword.Paracelsus said that Azoth could be made into a Universal Medicine that could cure diseases. He gave red wine and the Azoth red powder ("the Red Lion , or Griffin") that cured his daughter, for which he considered a better use than a ton of gold. The Soviet nuclear program discovered "Red Mercury", a cherry red powder or a very dense molecular structure or a liquid that had remarkable properties was used to make miniature War heads, and cure disease. The recipe has leaked out and was sold on the black marked to the US...
I found that in Sumerian "UD-KA-DUH-A" tranzlates to"Demonbird" a Panther-Griffin associated with Mesopotamian Nergal, Lord of the Neither World. "UD KA DUH A" was known by the Summerians in the sky az the Nebula, Star cluster and black hole today called Cygnus X-1. It's also the first black hole phenomenon to be discovered by modern Science. Petter Carrol, Chaos Magcian and founder of Illuminates of Thanateros said that the nearest portal to Azathoth is in Cygnus.
AZATHOTH: the "Primordial nuclear Chaos" that sits at center of all Infinity, Bubbling and Babbling, Amidst the mad pounding of vile or hidden drums dancing to the sound of a Flute. The Flutes of PAN, That flute that can lullaby even the Serpent. It's said to be surrounded by thousands of Mad Jesters, Jestering Aimlessly on forever...There is described Alien rhythms, vaguely musical arpeggios (RPG8s are widely used in electronic music) half acoustic pulsing, Purple mist, Shifting angles,and Kaleidoscopic colors. Anyone who's Dropped some Shrooms, Acid/XTC, ect.and went to a Tribal drumming, Rave or Goth/Industrial club has experienced a ritual of this. This type of muzak, and gatherings are rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity multiplying, sycronizing all over the planet 24/7 non stop. Take the 8 lettered name ov AZATHOTH or Baphomet if you will and break it down to a numerical pattern or morse code and put into a 4/4 rhythm/beat. The Shrodengers Cat iz out of the Box and there's nothing you can do to stop it! It has been said that when Shiva awakens, he releases the drummers to shake up the matter and get it dancing. Understand that Azathoth iz a worm that tranzforms into many Fractal butterflies...and no longer iz blind ("My color is black to the blind"-Book of the Law), it just a has wondering Eyes, and has gained many Minds... One way iz via the the attempt to channel the radiations in this world and control it by devices such az: Radio, T.V., Internet, satellites, micro waves, nuclear reactors (power to heal and destroy), Zero point tech-knowagey, ect. Think of it az a cocooning process. The mass production of this and Global linkup in effect will make it Non-Local and Holographic, continuously resurrected everyday, Necromancy at its finest.
Listen the the whispers in the static, it iz formless and fluid, ancient and pure, bathing all it encounters with the voice of the Void...
~Messenger/Grand No-Master, .*.AzOtEp .*.

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