viernes, 3 de octubre de 2008



Fernando Cerqueira,the deconstructive soul behinds THISCO Records, from Portugal have the twisted idea to gather the different ideas,visions,thoughts in the fields of eclectic occultism. Giving Birth to ANTIBOTHIS, a collection of book anthologies featuring texts, interviews and diverse visions breaking the normal standards of so many publications. Creating different vortices of information, generating dynamic paradigms of ultra cultural transformation which has as final purpose to program, to infect to alter the sub-conscious of readers vial a lot of channels. In each channel, you will experience eclectic convergences.In the Vol I, you will find so very interesting articles interviews with: Adel Souto, talking about his deep experiences in Tantra and Kundalini.Also Mr. Souto reveal us an interesting article called “Need Money? Messiahood Awaits”. Wilfred Hou Je Bek, includes an excerpt from the second crystal punk manifesto called “The Future Was Our First Love (And It Will Be Our Last)”,” Can We Survive? A Certain Model Of A Controlled Future” is an article written by Finnish Pentti Linkola, revealing in part the human limitations which are destroying the eco system. Iona Miller comes with “Pandrogeny 2005”, a long article based on Genesis P.Orridge and hir transcendental pandrogeny breaking the concepts of duality, sexual genders as hormonal alchemy. “Unreal”, an article dealing with apologies to William Burroughs and Jhonatan Swift. Japanese Kenji Siratori, deconstructing his futuristic paradigms through “Mind Virus”. Also I cooperate with two interviews Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati and also I cooperate with an extensive conversation with Denny Sargent (FR.Aion)…also you shall find lots of more interesting articles. 104 pages of ultra-cultural information, transcending the realities of present time and no-time, coz this is an organism mutating, changing all the time in all directions. This first volume also includes a Cd compilation with acts such as RAPOON, RASAL.ASAD, ANDRY KIRITCHENKO, PHIL VON, KENJI SIRATORI, THERMIDOR… among others!
The VOL II, also has such eclectic nature, and enlightmnet dis-informative currents converging all the time, the different facets, visionary realities, are aspects which we must explore in order to understand the essence hidden behinds ANTIBOTHIS.and with this second volume ANTIBOTHIS establish as a vortex mutating through spiritual, deconstructive paradi
gms, developing spontaneous articles and interviews with: Erik Davis,kwon by his book “Techgnosis” and several essays from his own, bring us “The Wandering Sufi”,”Sigil,Logos & Lucky Charms” is a practical document revealing aspects inherent to symbolic sorcery and beliefs. Brian Dean, Carl Abrahmanson, Andrew M. McKenzie…among others contributes with in deep articles worth to check. Also myself contributes with Oryelle Defenestrate and Aesthetic Meat Front interviews. An evolutive organism devouring standard, primitive structures, in all directions, and never static. ANTIBOTHIS is a experimental magickal grimorium,unleashing unlimited perspectives for dynamic individuals, always questioning themselves,adopting new elements to their own reality.also,ANTIBOTHIS offer you a compilation Cd including artists such as : HYBRYDS,ORYELLE,O YUKI CONJUGATE,COTTON FEROX,AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT…among others!!Remember ANTIBOTHIS is an evolutive parasite disinverting cultural reality through the dissimination and dispersion of alternatives vortices of information and infinite chaotic propaganda,speculation,stimulation to revolutionize the dynamics of life in a total process of cultural transformation, empowered by the will, reclaiming our guts and revolt in the name of imagination in opposition to toxic life on low awareness, herd mentality and programmed through, infecting human minds and after their behaviours.

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