sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

DARK AKTIONS I (article)

Dark Aktioner

Life as a Succession of facts, memories, events, mental constructions, ideas, nightmares, elapse so indeterminate, senseless; fragments that are trampling indiscriminately, creating parallel universes that are in the chaos of reality or interfere with it.
An image was projected in my mind, a white square and two subjects interacting in three basic colors, red, black and white. Some loose elements (subjects and colors), cut the linear time elapsing, eliminating the human subjects, transforming them into space, into color. Reaching by a fraction of time to be alive, and to convey this energy to the crowd, and then to people who see part of the register in photos or videos.
By chance and books i knew about viennese actionism, a movement of Austrian artists in the 60's, explored and questioned art with radical and deep way, with an aesthetic simple and close to the design or architecture, an art offender of reality and human establishment of the Western culture, with the perception of art as psychological release, as a catharsis, as a sacrifice.
All to save the natural and basic impulse of art as a stroke or a gesture, reaching a moment of pure expression, a spiritual catharsis; sublimate the natural suppression of life and explore mental areas that are normally forbidden by our temporary, physical or cultural situation.
No matter how is good or bad, or what is good or bad, either ethical or moral judgments or even aesthetic, no matter anything. Everything is encrypted and conditioned in our brains.
he is developing a second Dark Aktion II.soon more information.


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