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By Kerval
Anti Ittna Haapapuro, and Akiz are artists from the void, Explorers from sub-conscious capturing diverse magickal currents and artistic levels of creativity which are reflected in each one of the projects, he is developing. In this opportunity we explore the most in deep regions of both subconscious and from such explorations we reach a mental state called HALO MANASH:an atavistic primal force developed through sonic mantras…also, we find an ethereal absent vision under a labyrinth of primordial essences and archaic monoliths converging in a deity called AEOGA.
Halo Manash is an entity drawing its life-force from beyond all limitations. It is a means through which we communicate a vehicle for bridging the worlds of being and non-being, for journeying to the depths and heights. It is a call – a symbol ever-present and thus not bound by limits of time and space. Halo Manash signifies both the one and the many at the same time: the abstract and the concrete, the hidden and the revealed... the ever-flowing; evolution, expansion, the cyclic yet progressive continuity. It is the aim of the personnel involved in Halo Manash to seek, explore, experience, study and decipher reflections of the ever-shifting shapes and spaces of different worlds. These findings are presented through elemental music and various visual elements. In Halo Manash, sound and movement come together as rhythmical language that facilitates communion with elemental beings. Our aim is to revitalize one of the oldest subconscious forms of communication, to open the gates with the aid of music and widen the horizon of perception concerning states of otherness lying in-between the cardinal directions. Halo Manash is a pilgrimage to the borderlands of dreams, pure consciousness, and primal being and possibly beyond.

is the third full album of Mr. Ittna, creating through 8 meditative fractal explorations, ritualistic visions, and sensible anagrams able to penetrate your mind and to generate lucid dreaming, evocations which are tangible just to receptive spirits. Each one of the sonic mantras includes such ritualistic atmospheres created by the creative use of bells, pipes, sinebotar, windbones, analog synthesizers, which together creates such dark eerie ambient structures with the principal purpose to generate gnosis, or just a gate to enter the atavistic realms of living totems and spectral forms.HALO MANASH “Syoma” is a sonic magickal structure perfect for practicing rituals, to stimulate such regions of sub-conscious in which inhabits our most in deep elemental forces which needs to be explored, and externalized. All of the material included here is dedicated to and inspired by the dynamic subconscious force which gave impulse to visions relating to auto-cannibalism and metempsychosis. Also, the evocative chanting vociferations are relevant aspects in “Syoma”, each chant is a vision, each vision, a reflection which have existed before time, symbolizing the hidden ever changing and stimulating primal mana arising from or remain reposing in, the syoma. Comes in a 6 panel cardboard covers with astounding silver-colored drawings. Limited to 1000 copies.
“Language Of Red Goats” Cd 2008
Guided by nether nectars and dream herbs, oneiric visions and the light of lunar tides, Halo Manash Language of Red Goats aims to be cartography of cavernous elemental realms and regions, sources and springs that run deep and thick with the fluids of life, death and dream. What was seeded at the Thin Veils has been gathered at Harvest time, and is offered to the seeker as a libation and guide into the ever-liminal, shrouded spaces, for dream-vigils and awakenings.
“Language Of Red Goats” is a transmission of shamanistic evocation of most ancient primal atavisms through the use of sacred plants and magickal techniques such as lucid dreaming, and sigil working. Evoking diverse elementals of the psyche.” Language Of Red Goats” is just like penetrating to another dimension which reveals its mysteries through red goats. This conjunction is revealed through 3 magickal working series all of them connected via holistic, creating a sole nexus in which different tunnels, visions, emanations can be experienced in your inner psychic realms.
Aural incantations generated through acoustic vibrations with elements such as singing bowls,bells,gongs,birds sounds and wind instruments as horns, flutes creating subliminal soundscapes immersed in deep subterranean darkness. An impressive magickal work gathered at the thin veils 2006, consumed at harvest time 2007. a continuity of un-limited oneiric reality, reflecting the inner luminosity of each vessel in which floats the red goats when such elixirs are consumed.As Kalas of red goats rain down from the moon, bathed in dark waters, and rainbows of oil upon water. Opening its gates to enter the labyrinth to the cosmic transmutation of primal cell. Creation and dissolution, death and rebirth, wave seeds of awareness sometimes sensitive/receptive, resonating through distant whisperings of dreaming among the stars always showing you the language of red goats.Comes in a hand finished red cardboard booklet, in an edition of 920 copies.

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“Halo Manash is a pilgrimage to the borderlands of dreams, pure consciousness, and primal being”

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